Southwest Airline Flights To Hawaii

Southwest Airline Flights To Hawaii – DALLAS, March 30, 2021 // — Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) has introduced an additional benefit for customers flying to Hawaii on Southwest Airlines.

— Ability to provide evidence of their compliance with the Hawaii Safe Travels Program. Confirmed negative result of the test for COVID-19; Customers who complete the required travel information and health questionnaire prior to departure from the mainland may be eligible to bypass airport screening upon arrival in Honolulu (Oahu) and Kahului (Maui). This clear convenience is the leading value of Hawaiian service. Complementing the Hawaiian approach to service with comfort and hospitality, we combine pre-trip testing options from select California cities with seamless access to the islands.

Southwest Airline Flights To Hawaii

Southwest Airline Flights To Hawaii

Southwest Airlines is the trusted travel partner of the state of Hawaii. The program allows visitors and returnees to bypass the mandatory 10-day quarantine upon arrival, provided they meet the program’s core requirements and properly upload these items to the State of Hawaii tourism profile:

Flying Southwest Airlines To Hawaii: Everything You Need To Know

Customer service agents are now available 90 minutes prior to departure to verify State of Hawaii approved customer profiles. Completing this check at the exit before departure enables a faster arrival on the island. Southwest is offering a new service for customers starting their trip or connecting at five California airports that offer direct service to the Hawaiian Islands. San Jose, California. Sacramento; San Diego; and Long Beach, California. The State of Hawaii reserves the right to rescreen or verify any passenger. Visit for requirements, Learn more about pre-departure testing procedures and options that uniquely complement Southwest’s value proposition.

“Our value goes beyond our low fares with no surprise fees and our industry-leading* customer satisfaction. This pre-clearance benefit recognizes that customers are excited to begin experiencing Hawaii once they arrive in Hawaii, a process that will speed up their time at the airport. Let start their Hawaii experience faster,” said Tony Roach, director of customer experience for Southwest Airlines.

In Addendum, Southwest is proud to partner with CityHealth Urgent Care to offer $20 (within 48 hours of results) COVID testing appointments at five locations in California that meet Hawaii state requirements. CityHealth, along with other providers listed at, is offering this affordable testing option to customers at the Oakland airport. San Jose; Sacramento; Long beach; somewhere in downtown San Francisco and

This month in Long Beach, Hawaii (without connecting in Honolulu (Oahu) and Kahului (Maui)); Southwest plans to fly a total of five flights to Hawaii 14 times a day. Gateway Airports in California. In the Appendix, Direct service between Lihue (Kauai) and the Bay Area (Oakland and San Jose) on June 6; Scheduled to resume in 2021, Southwest Airlines operates 24 times a day to provide inter-island service within the state of Hawaii. Southwest Hawaii service on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft has spacious seating for 175 customers and includes in-flight entertainment. Southwest customers get free music; free movies They can use their own devices and headphones to enjoy free live and on-demand TV and free messaging. These in-flight entertainment options are completely free and do not require a Wi-Fi purchase to access. (Available only on Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft. Not available during flight. In-flight messaging only allows access to iMessage and WhatApp, which must be downloaded prior to departure.)

Southwest Passengers Surprised With Ukuleles On Flight To Hawaii

* The Department of Transportation (DOT) ranks all US airlines based on the lowest ratio of complaints per 100,000 passengers according to the DOT’s Air Travel Consumer Report (ATCR). Southwest has the lowest DOT complaint ratio per 100,000 US scheduled passengers for 2020. Achieved the best customer satisfaction rating among marketing carriers. A marketing carrier is an airline that advertises under a common brand, sells reservations and operates frequent flyer programs. and ultimately responsible for the airline’s consumer policy. Operating carriers provide flights for the respective marketing carriers they serve; Passenger check-in/boarding and baggage handling only—Operating carriers are subject to marketing carrier brand rules; DOT is not responsible for complaints related to procedures and advertisements.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines’ Year of Service With more than 130 million passengers in 2019 and more than 56,000 employees, it continues to differentiate itself from other airlines by providing exemplary customer service. Southwest has a strong signal network. -to-point service with a strong presence in the leading leisure and business markets. During the 2019 travel season, Southwest has more than 4,000 weekly departures between 101 destinations in the United States and a network of 10 additional countries. By 2020, the airline will fly to Hilo, Added service to Hawaii. Cozumel, Mexico; Miami; Palm Springs, California; Steamboat Springs; and Montrose (Telluride), Colo. So far in 2021, Southwest has started flights to Chicago (O’Hare) and Sarasota/Bradenton, both on February 14. Savannah/Hilton Head and Colorado Springs on March 11; California April 12. Will serve Houston (Bush) and Santa Barbara. California April 25. Fresno, May 6 at Destin/Ft.Walton Beach; May 23 Myrtle Beach, S.C. Bozeman, Mont on May 27; and Jackson, Miss. June 6. Company later this year in Eugene. Ore. and Bellingham, Washington. announced the intention to launch new services.

The carrier announced its Southwest®Promise in May 2020 to highlight new and timely efforts to support the well-being and comfort of its customers and employees. Among the changes are increased cleaning at airports and on airplanes, along with federal mandates requiring every person on every flight to wear a mask. More details about the Southwest Promise are available at

Southwest Airline Flights To Hawaii

To express an objective philosophy of honest and fair dealing with customers, and low prices are really low. Southwest is the only major US airline to offer a free checked bag.

Southwest Airlines Starts Test Flights To Hawaii

For everyone (there are size, size and weight limits for the first and second piece of checked baggage; some carriers offer free checked baggage on select routes or in qualifying situations). Southwest does not charge a change fee, but there may be a price difference.

Southwest is one of the most respected airlines in the world for air traffic efficiency and productivity; the importance of its people and communities; It is known for its three-pronged approach that underpins a holistic commitment to performance and the planet. Visit to learn more about how the carrier is giving back to communities around the world.

Southwest Airlines Debuts Brand’s First Film, “Alone in Tombstone,” Based on WATTpad’s Short Story Adapted for the Screen

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Beaches For Everyone: Southwest Airlines Puts On Sale New Flights To Cozumel, Mexico, And Accelerates Timeline For Hawaii Service

Southwest’s Hawaiian Airlines has seen significant growth over the years. Hawaii when flights stop in 2020 and travel back

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