Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions

Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions – If you are looking for Oracle DBA interview questions for experienced or fresher then you are at right place. There are many opportunities from many famous companies in the world. According to research, Oracle DBA has a market share of around 0.7%.

So you still have a chance to progress in your career in Oracle DBA Development. presents Advanced Oracle DBA Interview Questions 2023 that help you crack your interview and land a dream career as an Oracle DBA Developer.

Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions

Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions

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Oracle DBA Interview Questions for Freshers V1. List four possible ways (direct or indirect) to execute an SQL query against an Oracle database?

V2. What is SQL*Plus? How can it be obtained and what operations can be performed with it?

Ans. Oracle automatically maintains and uses indexes and when any change is made in the table data, Oracle automatically propagates it into relevant indexes.

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Ans. “11”: This first digit shows the main database version. Oracle usually publishes a major release once in 4 years. This number is usually followed by a character that describes the nature of the release. For example: 9i (internet), 10g (grid), 11g (grid), 12c (cloud).

“2”: This second digit shows the maintenance release number of the software. Oracle releases the major release as Maintenance Release 1 and then typically releases a second maintenance release during the lifetime of the software. New features are added to database software with maintenance releases.

“4”: This fourth digit is called the component-specific release number and it shows the patch update applied to the software. The patch updates are released 4 times a year by Oracle and as you apply them to your database software, this fourth digit progresses.

Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions

Ans. A synonym is an identifier that can be used to refer to another database object in an SQL statement. The type of database objects for which a synonym can be created is a table, view, sequence, or other synonym.

Latest Sql Interview Questions And Answers

Q6. Your customer said that he forgot the password for the “SYSTEM” user of his database and he could no longer connect. How will you recover this administrator password?

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Ans. Passwords for database users are stored in the database’s data dictionary. When a user wants to log in to the database, the username and password provided by the user are checked against the values ​​stored in the database.

If the username and password match, the user gets access to the database. The data dictionary is part of the database and it will be accessible as long as the database is open. The passwords for administrators are also stored in the dictionary.

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When the database is closed, the data dictionary will not be available. There must be a mechanism for administrators to log into the database even when it is locked, because starting a database is one of the tasks of the administrator. A password file is a separate operating system file that is stored on disk outside the database.

The username and password for the users who have SYSDBA or SYSOPER rights are stored in it. Administrators who have these privileges are authenticated using this password file, even when the database is down.

Q8. You want to find out how many users are defined in the password file and what privileges those users have. How would you achieve this?

Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions

Ans. You need to query the “v$pwfile_users” view to get information about the existing users in the password file. Execute the SQL query below:

Database Administrator Salary: 4 Big Questions Answered

The above query will return four columns for each user in the password file. The column names are USERNAME, SYSDBA, SYSOPER and SYSASM.

Ans. The primary duty of an Oracle DBA is to keep the organization’s Oracle databases running. This may involve installing and configuring a database from scratch.

In a running system, the DBA will be the only privileged person who can shutdown and start the database.

He will take regular backups to ensure that data is safe. In the event of a disaster, he will be responsible for restoring the database from backup. He will have to monitor the space usage and do capacity planning for the database.

Solution: Top Sql Interview Questions With Solutions For Preparation

He will be responsible for the application of security policies. He will need to monitor database activities. He will need to configure the database so that it works at a reasonable speed.

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Ans. An Oracle developer is primarily responsible for developing backend applications. They do data modeling according to business rules. It designs tables, creates indexes and other types of constraints. They are expected to know SQL and PL/SQL. They develop procedures using this language.

Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions

On the other hand, the main duty of an Oracle DBA is to manage the database, which involves tasks like maintenance to keep the databases running, taking backups, enforcing security policies, etc. DBAs are not primarily assigned to develop code.

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DBAs are supposed to have a good knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL as a programmer as it is also necessary to manage the database.

According to the structure of the organization, a DBA can also be assigned development tasks or at least help the developers where necessary.

Q9. There are 10 identical servers and you want to install Oracle Database on each of them. What will you use to automate the installation process?

Ans. If you are going to do batch installations, it is best to do it with Oracle Universal Installer in silent mode. For single installations. It is best to run the installer in “interactive mode” and configure installation options on each window.

Database Administrator Resume Example

However, in group facilities it will take longer. You have to do the installations in “silent” mode with “answer file”. In a silent installation, you start the Oracle Universal Installer from a command prompt and specify the location of the “answer file”.

The installation files and the answer file can be shared between the servers via NFS, so you don’t need to copy the configuration files to each server.

Q10. You want to create an answer file to speed up the installation of databases. How would you prepare an answer file?

Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions

Ans. An answer file is a simple text file where options for creating a database are stored. It is possible to manually create it from scratch, but it will take longer and be sparse.

Oracle Dba Interview Questions

Installation media comes with a template response file. It is much easier to adjust it manually. This file also contains notes about the parameters.

However, the easiest and most reliable way to create an answer file is to use Oracle Universal Installer. If you run the installer in “record” mode, each option you select at each step is automatically recorded in an answer file in the correct format. After the installer finishes in “recording” mode, you will have a complete response file with all options set in it.

Ans. It is also possible to create a database with an SQL script. In this script I would specify:

Ans. An instance consists of a shared memory area on RAM called System Global Area (SGA) and background processes.

Years Oracle Dba Interview Questions

The System Global Area and background processes are created when the instance is “started”. When the case is “closed”, the processes are killed and the shared memory region is “released” to the operating system.

Ans. Oracle database is located on disk and it is permanent. It is composed of files that are stored on disk. These files can be classified into three types:

Ans. A parameter file contains instances that control how an instance works. To start an instance, Oracle needs to locate this file.

Sql Database Administrator Interview Questions

The search order is as below: /DBS/spfile.ora – This is a server parameter file and it is the first place oracle will look. SID- is the service identifier of the institution.

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<$ORACLE_HOME-/dbs/spfile.ora -If Oracle cannot find the file in the first place, it will search for this file. This is again a server parameter file.

/dbs/init.ora – This is a parameter file and it is plain text. If Oracle cannot find the two files listed above, it will search for this file. This is the last place to look.

Start Learning: Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions Q17. You want to maintain your database, but during the maintenance period you do not want any user to be able to connect to the database. How would you achieve this?

Ans. When a database is open, any user with the “CREATE SESSION” privilege can make a connection. However, it is possible to open the database

Top 10 Database Administrator Interview Questions

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