Sydney To San Francisco Flight Time

Sydney To San Francisco Flight Time – The Sydney-Santiago flight route is one of the southern passenger flights. Such a path is impossible if the Earth is flat and confirms that the Earth is a sphere. It is easy to check the existence of these routes on flight websites.

On a flat earth, this route would go across the United States. But the duration of the Sydney-Santiago route is much longer than a regular route with a stop in the US because the Earth is a sphere and this route goes nowhere near the US.

Sydney To San Francisco Flight Time

Sydney To San Francisco Flight Time

According to the so-called flat earth map, the Sydney-Santiago flight route should pass through the United States. Therefore, we can compare the duration of a non-stop Sydney-Santiago flight with the same flight, but with a stopover in the US:

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Direct flight duration from Sydney to Santiago is 13 hours 22 minutes. But the same flight with a stopover in Los Angeles takes 25 hours 30 minutes, or almost twice as long.

If the flat earth model is correct, the duration of both flights should be the same and not nearly twice as long because it stops in a city too close to the flight route.

The reason is that the flight does not actually fly over the United States. The Earth is spherical in shape and the flight crosses the South Pacific Ocean, a great circular route between Sydney and Santiago. If a passenger chooses the same flight with a stopover in Los Angeles, he will make a huge detour and the journey will be almost twice as long as a nonstop flight. After nearly a month of waiting, the day finally arrived to begin our camping trip to Middle Earth. As I mentioned in a previous post, I booked United Economy on the DFW-SFO-SYD route using 40,000 United Miles. I took a 15 hour flight in economy class (I usually fly economy class through Europe to split the flight time) but there’s really no way around it if you want to visit the countries below.

Boarding began approximately 45 minutes before departure to San Francisco (11 p.m.). I was in Group 4 and chose a window seat near the center of the plane for the journey. I was lucky that the plane was only 3/4 full in economy, meaning the middle seat next to me was completely empty.

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Unlike European airlines, United and its American partners maintain at least some level of cushioning in their economy seats. The padding on my Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt last year bordered on cardboard. I’m not holding my breath on this one as I’m sure some pencil lover on Delta will decide to fit it on long flights too and everyone else will follow.

Regardless, this United flight was operated by a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft with 48 seats in Old United Business Class (Continental Business First Class), 88 seats in Economy Plus, and 116 seats in Standard Economy Class. It is somewhat surprising that their competitors (AA and DL) offer direct route access to businesses.

Boarding ended about 15 minutes early and we were all ready to go until the pilot entered the plane and said that the toilets in the middle of the plane were not working. So for the next 2 hours the plumber and various engineers went in and out of the tiny toilet. And let me just say that the cabin became unbearably smelly, forcing the FAs to use the air freshener a couple of times. Definitely not United’s top flight.

Sydney To San Francisco Flight Time

The delay lasted a little over an hour and we finally left FSR around midnight local time. The food delivery started about 30 minutes after take off and since I had pre-ordered the Asian vegetarian meal it arrived before the other meals. I actually didn’t want to eat anything, but since the middle table with the tray was down, the FA left my food without a glance.

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As the dish remained on my table, I decided to open it and see what was on offer. AVML had some mixed vegetable curry, cumin rice and some dal (lentil).

And I have to say the food was pretty tasty and definitely a step up from what I’ve had at other US carriers. Midnight Pacific time (2am ct) is too late for dinner by my book, so I just sampled. Yes, I know I sound like an old bat.

It took about 30 minutes for the FAs to bring out the beverage cart, so those who pre-ordered food would likely run out of time to get anything other than water. Maybe airlines should also start taking drink orders in advance to make the process easier?

It took another 40 minutes to clean out the drawers. I was very lucky that the seat and table with the tray next to me were empty as trays usually take up most of the table. In all, the whole charade ended about 2.5 hours after departure. It certainly finished off nicely with the mango sorbet:

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Overall, I have to say that United definitely impressed in terms of food quality. The service aspect is an issue we face with all airlines. They should really speed up the process by getting the commands on the IFE screen.

United’s entertainment selection has certainly improved over the years as they now have full seasons of shows. I watched the first few episodes of Westworld before falling asleep while we were over Hawaii.

I actually bought Wi-Fi on this flight for a very reasonable $24 ($2/hr) which allowed me to get some work done. However, the service became erratic as we approached Hawaii.

Sydney To San Francisco Flight Time

I woke up for about 2 hours in the light from the window outside of Sydney. United fortunately doesn’t micro-manage its windows and I was able to catch the sunrise quite well. This is something that bothered me recently when I was flying AA’s 787. I couldn’t turn on the window light myself during the flight.

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If you want to see videos or pictures of our descent in Sydney check out my vlog video.

About an hour before landing, breakfast began and again my food was offered in front of my fellow passengers.

Once again United offers quality Indian breakfasts including veggie cutlets and upma (the Indian version of porridge).

Just so you know the food options on the trolley were English breakfast or some French toast. I might have preferred the French toast if I had a lot of choice in the matter. FA placed the tray back on the middle table. It wasn’t bad at all for this instance…

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However, breakfast was pretty quick unlike dinner and we were finally ready to land in Sydney just 30 minutes later. However, it took about half an hour for a taxi to arrive at the gate as it was peak flight arrival and departure time to/from Sydney.

The first email I saw as soon as we connected was from United apologizing for the in-flight Wi-Fi service and that it was actively processing a refund. It’s a small gesture, but I was quite impressed that they did it.

I have to hand over to United in the food department. They certainly do a better job with AVML than other US airlines. The service itself leaves a bit to be desired, but that seems to be something to be expected of United. Always seems to be a 50-50 split between friendly FAs and barbarians. I generally find AA flight attendants a bit unfriendly in every way, but that could just be me. In terms of product service in Australia, I believe United is second only to Virgin Australia in overall soft product and on par with others in economy seat comfort. I was most surprised by the proactive refunds for Wi-Fi service deficiencies.

Sydney To San Francisco Flight Time

Well, I’m back in Australia again. It seems I can’t get to New Zealand without stopping here.

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If you want to stay ahead of this trip report, everything is available in the vlog. The Sydney Day 1 vlog post has already been published.

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