Train From Davis To San Francisco

Train From Davis To San Francisco – With petrol prices constantly rising and CO2 emissions from cars at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that traveling by train is becoming increasingly popular. Trains not only save you travel costs, but also save the environment, trip by trip. I recently did a full day local adventure from San Francisco to Davis on the Capital Corridor train. It’s the perfect way to escape the city haze and California sun. Here’s everything you need to know about Capital Corridor rail travel and things to do in Davis.

With the intention of traveling as sustainably as possible, my journey began at home in San Francisco with my bicycle. After packing my day bag and inflating my tires, I set off for the 20 minute ride from the Marina District to downtown San Francisco to catch my bus connection.

Train From Davis To San Francisco

Train From Davis To San Francisco

I arrived at the 555 Mission in plenty of time and put my bike under the bus for a quick ride over the Bay Bridge to the Emeryville station. Once in Emeryville, it’s a seamless connection at the station from the bus to the Capitol Corridor train heading toward Sacramento.

Capitol Corridor Train Auburn, Sacramento, Emeryville (san Francisco), Oakland, San Jose

After safely securing my bike in the bike racks, I loaded up my laptop and went to the upstairs compartment to finalize my itinerary for the day. With free Wi-Fi access, charging ports and table seats, it made mapping out the final destinations of my trip very easy.

The seats were very comfortable, allowing me to spend my time on board taking in the scenery and tapping away at my laptop. Before I knew it, “Next stop, Davis” was being announced over the PA system. I didn’t even get a chance to get into the cafe car that serves hot food and cold drinks (including alcoholic drinks), but made sure to check it out on the way back.

Apart from taking the Capital Corridor as a more sustainable option than driving, there are many other green aspects to a brighter future for the environment. Big-picture initiatives include small day-to-day things like installing bins on trains and making it easier for people to cycle to their connections, along with a commitment to research and implement renewable diesel.

As a cyclist, recreationist, and commuter, it’s great to see the Capital Corridor streamlining the process of connecting cyclists to another form of sustainable transportation. Being able to drive to a bus or train station and pick up my bike is a huge plus. Taking an Uber to the station not only saves me money, but also means I have transportation to my final destination.

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If you want to cycle to the station and don’t want to take your bike with you, there is also the option of leaving it in BikeLink eLockers for 5 cents an hour. The safest way to leave your bike is when you go on an adventure.

As regular travelers we have always favored rail travel. Not only does it have clear environmental benefits by reducing carbon emissions, it also excels in keeping the train rolling smoothly.

Traveling by train describes most of the journey. First, slow travel is always one of the best ways to truly experience a destination. It allows you to really see the sights and be a lot more than just jumping from one place to another on a plane.

Train From Davis To San Francisco

On the train, you can see your surroundings without worrying about driving yourself or being 30,000 feet in the air. You can’t cover much ground by train; However, it’s a perfect location if you want to get to a place within a few hours radius.

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This makes the Capitol Corridor a great option for getting around Northern California. The Capitol Corridor serves 18 stations in 8 different counties, covering 170 miles of destinations from San Jose to Placer and everywhere in between.

Davis is best known as the college town of UC Davis, but there is a surprising amount to do in this small town. Here are our top picks:

Located on UC Davis’ south campus, the California Raptor Center offers self-guided educational tours and access to raptor enclosures. Now it’s not wrong to think you’re dinosaurs now (I know I did), but this isn’t a Jurassic Park thing.

Raptor is another name for a bird of prey, so eagle, falcon, falcon, owl etc. are considered a bird of prey. The name comes from the Latin word to grab, which is appropriate given their quick action on food.

City Of San Francisco

This is a really great place to check out while in Davis. In addition to a small educational museum, you can walk among more than a dozen enclosures where birds have been rescued and rehabilitated.

Another location open only Wednesdays 3-6pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm, Davis Farmers Market is more than just a market. This year-round market engages people in nutrition, sustainable agriculture and the benefits of buying locally grown and produced food.

Davis is full of beautiful gardens, but this special place has excellent bike paths and places to explore. The path leading to the gardens winds through the campus and along the waterway, where you’ll see native birds and plenty of places to sit and take in the views along the way.

Train From Davis To San Francisco

There are also several small bridges to cross the water from one side of the route to the other. Visitors will notice the Paris-inspired ‘Locks of Love’ on the bridges, as many of the locks are inscribed with the initials or names of lovers on the bridge. If you’re visiting Davis with loved ones, don’t forget your lock!

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Speaking of cycling earlier, when you’re in Davis, you might want to stop by the US Cycling Hall of Fame. The center is dedicated to preserving the history and promoting the future of cycling in the US. Visit the museum and learn about the rich history and heritage of cycling in the US. It is only open from 4-6pm on Wednesdays and 10am-2pm on Saturdays, so plan your visit accordingly.

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One of the best parts of living in Northern California… is access to pretty much everything in Northern California. I met friends from medical school in San Francisco one afternoon, and instead of braving traffic for the end of the weekend, I opted for the train.

The Amtrak station in Davis is 1) super pretty 2) very accessible by car or bike, especially on Sunday mornings and 3) very close to multiple caffeine options

San Francisco Cable Car System

I boarded the train and as soon as it left Davis a very friendly conductor came over and scanned my ticket (accessible via the app). The train is more comfortable than the plane (without the fuss, the bleach), and there are rumors of free Wi-Fi and a dining car, though I didn’t get up from my seat to look for it. For the best view of the bay, sit on the north side on the way to San Francisco.

An hour and twenty minutes later and part of this book, which I highly recommend, we arrived at the transfer point in Emeryville. There you will meet a bus that takes you over the Bay Bridge into downtown SF. The bus has to wait for the train, so even if you are a bit late, don’t worry. You get off the train, go through the station (quick toilet break because I forgot the train!) and straight out the front door where the bus is waiting. From there the bus will drop you off at the (temporary) Transbay Terminal in SF in 20-30 minutes. A few things to note:

Let’s be honest, the train is not the cheapest way to get to SF. My round trip ticket on Amtrak was about $60, plus Uber rides. BART was cheaper. Driving was cheap. But I prioritized my mental health and arrived in SF relaxed, ready for my day of fun!

Train From Davis To San Francisco

We all met at my friend’s apartment in the Panhandle, gathered the troops (lots of toddlers, babies, strollers, sunscreen, snacks, and so on) and headed out the door.

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Our first stop is BiRite, one of the charming but staggeringly expensive local markets with all the beautiful artisan, hand-pulled, farm-to-table produce and ingredients that can be bought for (a lot of) money. It’s beautiful, the sandwiches are delicious, and even though my credit card is beeping, I go

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