U Of H Graduate Programs

U Of H Graduate Programs – With around 40 students, the graduate program is an important part of the Department of History at the University of Houston. The Department of History offers an M.A. degrees in United States, Europe/Ancient, Latin America, and public history across all chronological periods. In addition, African, Asian and world history courses are also available. The Department of History offers Ph.D. degrees in United States, European/Ancient, Latin American, and Transnational History across all chronological periods. Transnational learning can span America and the world; Atlantic World; comparative history is the study of two or more countries, regions or continents; strength and environment; sex; No history; reason; Pacific Rim; and race and ethnicity. Students can base their transnational work in any of the countries where the department has facilities: Africa, Asia, World Atlantic, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, or the United States.

Our faculty has expertise in a variety of fields, including Racial and Social Movements; Gender, Women, and Identity; Public and Digital History; Health and medicine; Transnational; and Politics, Colonialism and Borderlands.

U Of H Graduate Programs

U Of H Graduate Programs

Teaching and research is very active in African-American history; ancient Mediterranean; colonies, new affairs and imperial history; digital civilization; legal history; medical history; History of Mexican-Americans and frontiers; political history; public history; social history; transnational history; and women’s history. Find a list of faculties by specialization?

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Individual professors act as tutors for each student, advising students on careers and directing their research in specific areas of study. Upon acceptance into a graduate program, each new student will be assigned a qualified faculty advisor to guide students through their degree plans. Students can change their counselor when all parties involved agree to the change. An advisor guides students through their careers, research and thesis writing (for M.A. students), comprehensive examinations, dissertation research and writing, and the academic job market (for Ph.D. students).

The History Department offers a variety of graduate lectures and research seminars, with new courses appearing each semester to stimulate interest and ongoing work for faculty members and students (Current Class Lists and Graduate Catalog.) These courses help students develop important skills for teachers. innovative reading, accurate writing, and research.

The Department of History is proud of the current student and graduate studies. In our recent Sen. student placement program at Indiana University; the universities of Missouri, Alabama, Oklahoma and Arkansas; Texas A&M; Col., Publica Sacramento; San Diego State and most Texas public universities. There are also many community colleges in Southeast Texas. We have an excellent record in the education and placement of African-American and Mexican-American students. The History Department strives to reach as diverse a student body as possible.

For a full explanation of all program requirements and policies, please download the Graduate Student Handbook. The material in this section is a brief introduction to the program and a full description of the application.

Student Housing Services

For general information about graduate study in history, consult the guidance of the American Historical Association (AHA), consult the Graduate and Early Career Committee and Professional Division. This guide contains good information and links to AHA resources. Eleven graduate programs at the University of Houston were named as Top 50 programs in their disciplines in the 2019 US News & World Report graduate programs released today.

The Law Center has three top 10 programs: health law at no. regarding intellectual property rights, n. and part-time program, n.

As part of its strategic vision, the Law Center established a five-year plan in 2016 to include three specialty programs in the top ten and one additional specialty program ranked nationally. In three years now it has three specialty programs in the top 10, five in the top 25, and seven in the top 50: trial advocacy at No. 15; environmental law, n. 21; tax law, n. 37; and the senate debate on No. 44

U Of H Graduate Programs

“While none of these factors matter and serve as a useful scorecard, they are only part of what determines the quality of a law school’s education and reputation. We are an excellent law school with excellent faculty, great students, and thousands of alumni,” Leonard Baynes, dean of the Law Center

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The Graduate School of Social Work is ranked No. 22 are among the institutions offering master’s degrees in social work, up two notches from last year.

“It is an honor to be recognized by our peers as one of the best social work programs in the country. For the second year we are not growing. I am very proud of this fact in our 50 years

Years, which is a reflection of the work of our faculty and staff,” said Alan Dettlaff, dean of the Graduate College of Social Work and inductee of the Maconda Brown O’Connor Endowed Dean’s Chair. “We continue to make progress as we work towards our vision of achieving social, racial, economic and political justice. This vision inspires everything we do and is at the heart of our commitment to preparing diverse social leaders in practice and research.”

Three Cullen College Engineering programs in the Top 50: petroleum engineering at No. 14; chemical engineering, no. 36; and engineering industry, No. 48

University Of Houston Clear Lake

Each year, US News ranks professional school programs in business, education, engineering, law, medicine, and nursing, with additional features in each area. Other disciplines are listed regularly.

The rankings are based on two types of data: expert opinions on program excellence and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school’s faculty, research, and students. From academic growth to professional development, the University of Houston Graduate School is committed to providing you. wealth necessary for subsistence. Here you can earn degrees that are recognized nationally and internationally by institutions that have established themselves as leaders in promoting academic excellence. Experienced skills in every area will enable you to form meaningful connections, broaden your skillset, and discover your passions. Here, start your future.

Across 150+ postgraduate programs, from Aerospace Engineering to World Culture and Literature, you’ll find a degree that paves the way to the career you’ve been seeking. This association has become an integral part of a dynamic and diverse community of scholars and individuals. To learn more about the programs, degrees, and degrees you can earn at The University of Houston, visit the link below.

U Of H Graduate Programs

Once you have selected your program, the next step to joining is submitting your postgraduate application. As you complete your application, begin gathering official transcripts, test scores, and any additional documents required by the program you are applying for. Required documents and deadlines vary depending on your program. For step-by-step instructions on how to register, click the link below.

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The University of Houston prides itself on its commitment to diversity and welcomes students from all walks of life. In the past year, the program has received degrees from students representing more than 100 countries. In addition to completing the application, international students are expected to submit additional test scores, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. Acceptable minimum test scores may vary by program, and test scores submitted by testing agencies. For more information on international admission requirements, see the link below.

While attending Graduate School at The University of Houston, you will enjoy affordable and low cost of attendance. Additionally, Houston boasts one of the lowest costs of living of any urban area in the United States. Funding through scholarships, grants and fellowships is available to help you pay for your academic and living costs. Explore the links below for more information about funding your postgraduate experience. The University of Houston has an excellent reputation for academic, teaching, research, and innovation success. Intensive courses, hands-on opportunities, leadership positions and global experiences prepare students to take on the world. which he dedicates, to complementary faculty members who are committed to helping students pursue a pathway of study. Programs of study include undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, online and continuing education.

With nationally-rated educational programs, state-of-the-art research centers, world-class libraries and state-of-the-art facilities, Cougars have the learning opportunities they need to excel.

At the University of Houston, we pride ourselves on diversity and excellence across all disciplines. Our campus features internationally recognized faculty at 16 colleges and academic schools and interdisciplinary honors at the College.

Second Language Studies

First-class award-winning students and educators prepare students for dynamic careers and find innovative solutions to society’s toughest challenges. Masters, Doctors and Ph.D. degrees in the program. Continue your education through our Graduate School.

The Honors College attracts talented and motivated students and educators to a collegiate environment where traditions are honored and possibilities are realized.

The University of Houston offers a variety of outstanding educational opportunities. Students can complete national degrees online while experiencing the same rigorous standards as traditional programs

U Of H Graduate Programs

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