United Airlines Arrivals San Diego

United Airlines Arrivals San Diego – Remember in the introduction to my Emirates LAX-DXB trip report when I wrote that I had a hard time not giggling at all those souls queuing for the United Express flight to Fresno (while I was on my way to wining and dining until 10:00 in Dubai on EC business in class)? Well, while I was standing in line waiting to check in for that short hop on a United 737-800 in economy class to San Diego, I swear I saw a pompous guy with an Emirates pass smile at me as he walked by.

I’m a firm believer in the saying “what goes around comes around”. I fully deserve to be looked at as a mere mortal in the unfortunate situation of being only 2 hours away from being dragged into the back of a battered old UA 737.

United Airlines Arrivals San Diego

United Airlines Arrivals San Diego

UA1568 Los Angeles, CA (LAX) – San Diego, CA (SAN) Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Aircraft: 737-824 Registration: N77542 Duration: 28 minutes Seat: 27F (Economy Class)

San Diego Airport San

United Airlines 737-800 side view illustration (N77542), Fortunately, there was absolutely nothing “old” and “broken” about this particular 737 – she was still just a puppy delivered to United last September!

Regular route from Los Angeles to San Diego tonight (could do it with my eyes closed).

It’s a long walk from Tom Bradley all the way to Terminal 7, but it’s a really good way to get the blood flowing again after a 16-hour flight from Dubai. I didn’t fall once!

United Airlines Economy Class baggage drop counters here at LAX. Oh, and the smiling guy holding an Emirates business class ticket at DKSB is out of frame on the right…

San Diego Airport Traffic Nears Pre Pandemic Levels

The fact that I was able to check in and clear security in over an hour and a half was somewhat unexpected and greatly appreciated. The international arrival process at LAX usually takes a long time, and I definitely thought I’d cut it short to catch the UA flight to San Diego tonight.

Fortunately, I was able to get through passport control, customs and homeland security in Terminal 7 within 45 minutes. It must be some kind of record – I’m sure of it. Doesn’t Guinness record international and domestic connection times in LAKS? If not, I think you should because I believe what I did today was noteworthy and significant enough to go down in the history books.

Shit! It was the fastest I’ve ever transferred to another terminal after arriving on an international flight here at LAX. Side note: Do you know how much fun it would be to run up and down that hallway with paint in hand? I have been wanting to add some color to these walls…

United Airlines Arrivals San Diego

Being stuck in LAX Terminal 7 with a lot of time to kill is actually not so bad when you have access to the really nice and newly renovated United Club. This is the same salon that I said so many good things about last fall before my trip to New York, so it was nice to go back and re-acquaint myself with it for a while and catch up on some work.

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I noted that the food selection was a little better this time than last time, but sorry I didn’t take any pictures because I wasn’t in the mood to write another review for this place, even though it’s one of my favorite airline domestic lounges. now. Also, my iPhone was still fuming from all the pictures and videos I had taken in the last 16 hours on the Emirates A380 flight from Dubai. A break was needed.

Things got better and better as summer approached. As I walked around waiting for boarding to begin, I realized that the gate area wasn’t crowded and that very little cargo would be arriving in San Diego tonight. It’s not that important for a 25 minute flight, but having fun on the last leg of a very long and tiring journey is always appreciated.

Here’s my drive home to San Diego, stopping at the gate from…actually…I can’t remember. Given that United sends its 737s to nearly every destination on its long list, it could have been anywhere. Tulsa? Buffalo? Kalamazoo? I do not know.

The nice thing about these LAX to San Diego flights is that I have zero tolerance for delays, and I’m perfectly willing to jump in a rental car and drive if the alternative is sitting in the airport waiting for a delay. If there is relatively light traffic on the 405, drop me the keys baby because I hit the road!

United Airlines 737 900/er Economy Plus San Diego To San Francisco

Luckily, there was no delay so I didn’t have to take my driving gloves out of my bag (you travel with your driving gloves too, right?). Oh – and a quick question for all the LAKS people who read my blog: do you object to hanging things on the walls or what?

Blunt jet bridge walls or not, I’m actually glad I’m about 30 minutes from home!

I was also very thankful that this was a 737 and not one of those CRJ-200 vacuums that I despise so much.

United Airlines Arrivals San Diego

I’m already working too hard on my crappy iPhone this trip, so I’ll spare him the trouble of connecting to that wonderful United Airlines Wi-Fi.

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The look on his face is, “Oh my God, am I going to have to sit here and listen to that guy complain about flying economy class? I heard about this hole!

United Airlines 737-800 economy class seats. I know it’s a completely random thought, but if we dive into the ocean tonight on our way to the SAN, they’ll never find our bodies if we’re strapped into seats that match the color of the water. Things I think about when I get on a plane…

Nice seats, but honestly, I’d rather not leave this world associated with a United 737 interior. I can think of many more respectable and impressive ways!

The best way I can describe the seat height is about halfway between Emirates A380 economy (yay) and Air Canada Rouge A321 economy (boo). So I guess I’d say it would be a solid “meh” on the spot rating scale.

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“Bob, I told you we had to book the Emirates A380 for that flight to SAN tonight!”

Taking a quick UA economy class selfie before someone else sits next to me and thinks I’m a total narcissistic weirdo. They would have reason to believe that, of course, but I’d rather not give them the chance.

As you can see, tonight is a very light load. Let’s get out of here before they change their mind and put a CRJ-200 on us!

United Airlines Arrivals San Diego

Nothing has changed since I last flew UA 737-800, which is good because I never had a chance to memorize that safety card. Pay special attention to the last picture with the lemon slices floating next to the plane in the water, because 95% of this summer will be over the ocean!

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Once boarding was complete and the front boarding doors closed, the person sitting next to me (there’s always someone sitting next to me) bolted to get a better seat. I also took a moment to wish that the guy with the Emirates boarding pass who had laughed at me a few hours earlier would see me now. The space between me and the seat in front of me wasn’t much to brag about, but I could spread my wings (and legs) like a pterodactyl and not touch anyone or anything! Economy travel isn’t always glamorous, but sometimes it all works out, and I was actually quite comfortable in seat 27F.

Let me think briefly about the reasons why the person sitting next to me was in such a hurry to run to another empty seat. Yes, I’ve been wearing the same outfit for the last 32 hours, but…

I can only imagine the frustration of starting a really good movie on the short 25 minute flight to San Diego, only to have it cut short as the plot thickens.

My iPhone just quit smoking when I pulled it out again and started stealing photos of the exit sequence (sorry mate!). Window seats on the left

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