University Of Houston Job Postings

University Of Houston Job Postings – Texas job growth slowed sharply in August, amid a national economy grappling with rising inflation, rising interest rates and fears of a recession.

Texas employers added just 16,000 jobs, down from 73,000 in July and the weakest job gain since February 2021. The unemployment rate in the state rose slightly to 4.1 percent. After adding jobs every month since the beginning of the year, several sectors lost jobs during the month.

University Of Houston Job Postings

University Of Houston Job Postings

In Houston — which has seen “extraordinary” gains since the start of the year — job growth has also slowed, though not as much as the state as a whole. The district gained about 16,000 jobs last month, down from 22,000 in July and 26,000 in June. The local unemployment rate was 4.6 percent, down from 5.9 percent in August 2021.

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Shrinking employment gains in the country have coincided with a slowdown in the national labor market. US employers added 315,000 jobs in August, down from 500,000 in July, while the unemployment rate rose to 3.7 percent from 3.5 percent in July.

Economists expect the job market to shrink as the Federal Reserve tries to rein in an economy that has fueled the hottest inflation in 40 years. The Fed has raised its benchmark interest rate four times this year — including two big increases of three-quarters of a percent — and is expected to raise rates sharply again when policymakers meet next week. .

In Texas, interest rate sensitive sectors and consumer spending lost jobs during the month. The construction sector, which grew strongly during the housing boom, shed 500 jobs statewide in August as rising mortgage interest rates hit single-family building permits as well as sales of existing homes.

Entertainment and hospitality, which includes bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, lost 3,200 jobs last month as severe inflation continued to erode consumer spending power, although falling gas prices led to a measurable boost in consumer confidence nationwide. .

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The trade, transportation and utilities sector, which includes retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce warehouse operations, lost 3,900 jobs last month. Major shipping company, FedEx, this week announced a hiring freeze amid worsening economic conditions around the world.

Parker Harvey, chief economist at Workforce Solutions, a regional workforce development agency, said an economic downturn doesn’t mean doom. He explained that while fewer jobs have been added to the Houston area than in recent months, jobs are still growing significantly by historical standards.

The district added the most jobs for this calendar month since August 2020, when the economy was reopening.

University Of Houston Job Postings

“We got another ‘normal’ report. He said I use the word ‘normal’ in capital letters in quotation marks.” “On the one hand, disappointing. On the other hand, it’s still another extraordinary number.”

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Harvey said he monitors the number of employers who post job openings online, versus the number who reduce job listings. In recent weeks, he said, more employers in every major sector have pulled listings than announced — a change in pace that reflects a degree of caution.

“It could just be that we’re back to normal after the recruiting frenzy of the past year,” Harvey said.

Business Ted Cruz is one of the true believers in cryptocurrency. Even as calls for regulation mount, the senator has emerged as an increasingly vocal advocate of cryptocurrency, warning against over-regulation of a technology that has become popular among anti-establishment thinkers and a growing business. .. By James Osborne Central to the success in Conroe ISD is the boycott’s “all means all” philosophy. Dr. Don Stockton, who retired as the district’s superintendent in 2018, had a clear vision for the district that “students graduate with confidence and competence; they have been successful in our schools and all students should have that after they graduate.” Must feel that all adults care about their success.” During his 33 years in Conroe ISD, Dr. Stockton’s motto has been consistent, “Every student matters; all of them.”

Superintendent of schools of the district Dr. The legacy of “All Means All” continues under the leadership of Curtis Noll. Dr. Knoll has 19 years of experience in education, serving 17 years in Conroe ISD. He has served as assistant principal of secondary education, principal of Conroe High School, principal of Peet Junior High School, assistant principal at Knox Junior High School and athletic coach at The Woodlands High School.

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Currently, Dr. Under Noll’s leadership, Conroe ISD has more than 64,000 students with projected growth of about 1,500 students per year. Our students arrive at one of our 64 campuses with a new high school opening in fall 2020.

Conroe ISD offers a comprehensive academic core program, a wide range of athletics, an advanced career and technical education curriculum, and a menu of fine arts courses to meet the needs and interests of all students. In 2010, Conroe ISD became the largest district in the state to receive the highest rating for idealism. The county’s graduation rate of 95.7% is the highest in Texas. In addition, Conroe ISD was named a 2015 District of Honor by the Educational Outcomes Partnership (ERP) and the Institute for Productivity in Education (IPE), one of only nine public school districts to earn the title. With an emphasis on academic excellence and outstanding achievement, Conroe ISD is committed to providing its students with exceptional opportunities for learning and development. Please visit the Accountability website to learn more about academic success at Conroe ISD.

3. The staff at Conroe ISD is part of a supportive and collaborative team, where the contributions of all staff are valued.

University Of Houston Job Postings

Conroe ISD has implemented Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), which are ongoing processes where educators work collaboratively to evaluate iterative cycles of data to ensure student learning is occurring. and better outcomes for all the students they serve. The work of PLCs involves deliberate and continuous staff training, which is essential so that staff can improve their own practices and truly influence student learning at the highest levels. PLCs are action-oriented, committed to continuous improvement, and results-oriented. The three major ideas of PLC include focusing on learning, creating a collaborative culture, and outcome-oriented thinking to meet students’ intervention and/or enrichment needs, as well as defining continuing adult learning. The district also provides district-level academic instructional coaches and specialized materials to support and assist students.

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Conroe ISD is committed to excellence in teacher development through its comprehensive and quality staff development program. The Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel Development Department integrates Conroe ISD’s exemplary educational model with research-based best practices, with an emphasis on differentiated instruction. In addition to district-wide staff development workshops, department experts provide individualized, nutrition-based campus staff development based on needs identified by campus site decision-making committees in campus management and campus improvement plans and student achievement data. In addition to the countless workshops offered during the school year, Conroe ISD employees also have the option of attending more than 300 employee development sessions offered during the summer. Please visit the Conroe ISD Curriculum and Education and Workforce Development websites to learn more about the support provided to professionals throughout the region.

Conroe ISD also offers the Junior Teacher Academy (NTA), a two-year program designed for junior teachers in their first full year of teaching. The district is committed to developing the knowledge and skills of new teachers as teachers. The NTA includes courses selected to help new teachers grow and advance district initiatives, including PBIS: Classroom Management and Effective Behavior, Foundations of Differentiated Teaching, and Behavioral Assessment. New teachers are also paired with mentor teachers to help them through the two-year NTA. For more information on how Conroe ISD can support teachers who are new to the field and/or new to education, visit the Novice Teacher Academy section of the site.

Conroe ISD helps facilitate master’s and doctoral cohorts at Sam Houston State University. In fact, many classes are offered in the area. The Conroe ISD Education Foundation awards continuing education scholarships to Conroe ISD educators who are pursuing advanced degrees. Each scholarship provides funding for tuition, fees, books, and any other eligible expenses. To date, the Conroe ISD Education Foundation has awarded more than 100 continuing education scholarships to Conroe ISD educators. In addition, the Conroe ISD Human Resources Department offers the Grow Our Own Scholarship Program, a grant-funded scholarship awarded to current Conroe ISD employees who wish to obtain certification in specific areas of shortage. The district offers ESL exam preparation classes as well as other TExES certification exams. Please visit the Conroe ISD Continuing Education website for more information.

In addition, Conroe ISD encourages leadership opportunities among employees. The Collaborative Leadership Series is a suite of employee development offerings for Conroe ISD employees who are administrators or leaders interested in developing leadership skills in their current positions or becoming associate directors, curriculum coordinators, consultants, diagnostics, specialists, or other leadership roles. .

Extended Learning (before & After School Programs) / Extended Learning Employment Opportunities

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