University Of Maine Graduate Programs

University Of Maine Graduate Programs – Regulatory compliance is a complex world that requires understanding the laws,  regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to a particular business. The ability to navigate compliance issues can be difficult for companies that may excel in their sector, but lack the legal background to meet the rules and regulations that govern their business.

Thanks to a new interdisciplinary program offered by the University of Maine School of Law (Maine Law), part of the Graduate and Professional Center (Maine Center) consortium, non-lawyers now have the opportunity to build skills required by Maine law. Compliance Certificate Program. After recently completing its second year, enrollment has doubled, with WEX, Unum and Maine Medical Center employees among the participants.

University Of Maine Graduate Programs

University Of Maine Graduate Programs

Through a partnership with the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center, Maine Law, the compliance certificate program is just one example of how employers can help address issues outside their areas of expertise. Located in Portland but with connections throughout the state, the Maine Center combines graduate and professional programs in law, business and public policy, offering interdisciplinary, experiential and market-driven programs to train the workforce of the future. The Maine Center is designed to foster collaboration across the public and private sectors and serve students, businesses and organizations across the state.

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The Harold Alfond Foundation is an early champion of the Maine Center. His initial investment established Maine Center Ventures, a 501(c)3 to develop and implement the vision of a graduate and professional center for the University of Maine.

We are inspired by Maine Center’s transformative vision … a model that is truly unique, of the highest quality, and best serves the people of Maine. – Greg Powell, President of the Harold Alphand Foundation

We are inspired by Maine Center’s transformative vision … a model that is truly unique, of the highest quality, and best serves the people of Maine. – Greg Powell, President of the Harold Alphand Foundation Reverse the brain drain

The Maine Center is an innovative academic consortium comprised of the University of Maine School of Law, the University of Maine Graduate School of Business, the Muskie School of Public Service, and the Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy. The coalition exists in an effort to address Maine’s real demographic and economic challenges and was founded on the belief that advanced public education is a powerful catalyst for economic growth. The key to attracting and retaining new students and professionals is to provide high-quality, forward-looking, accessible graduate education that leads to marketable and relevant qualifications.

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“This is a game changer,” said Terry Sutton, CEO of Maine Center Ventures. “If you ask economic forecasters, it seems inevitable that Maine will lose talent as the population ages and young adults move out of state. Maine has brains. I see this initiative as an important strategy to reverse brain problems.

Here is the overall scenario. Maine’s workforce is shrinking, aging and experiencing a growing skills gap. Maine’s workforce needs specialized training to keep up with the demands of a rapidly developing new economy, and its institutions of higher education need to respond more quickly and creatively to the needs of employers.

At the same time, national competition for professionals and graduate students has increased. Traditional degree programs are no longer the only option for graduate education: students and employers are evaluating cost, time and delivery and looking for convenient and flexible formats.

University Of Maine Graduate Programs

Manors now compete in a faster economy, selling goods and services in a much smaller world. Those who create, lead, and manage Maine’s private and public enterprises must have a better and more broad education. There are bright spots in the economic forecast. Maine has a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and a high first-year survival rate for startups. Maine continues to add jobs in high-wage sectors such as business and professional services and increases international trade.

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Central Maine is well positioned to build on these positive trends by expanding and deepening the talent pipeline to support current employers and attract new businesses to the state. Three key strengths distinguish the union:

Innovation and creativity: Central Maine schools bring a strong combination of vision, strategy and execution to the fields of business, law and public policy. In addition to conducting groundbreaking research and solving real-world problems, they are developing new programming that takes advantage of the consortium’s interdisciplinary strengths.

Experiential Learning: The Maine Center offers students meaningful opportunities to practice their new skills in real-world settings, believing that people learn best by doing, and that skills and abilities are most valuable when grounded in real-world application.

Service to Community: Public universities have a responsibility to support the wider community and contribute to the overall well-being of the state. The Maine Center feels this commitment deeply and seeks to honor it by working directly to address current challenges and strengthening the work of others by sponsoring sector-specific initiatives and connecting educational programs with the employer community.

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The Maine Center is a bold initiative to leverage the potential of our universities and recognizes the important role the University of Maine System plays in driving statewide economic prosperity. – James Erwin, Chair of the University of Maine System Board of Trustees

The University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center offers several avenues for graduate, professional and business students who wish to expand their knowledge and expertise.

Graduate/Professional Degrees: The Maine Center offers unique and innovative specialized degree programs that integrate business, law and public policy to produce highly qualified and employable leaders. As part of its core programming, the Maine Center aims to (i) deliver engaging student experiences to help employers acquire highly marketable, relevant skills and job training; (ii) designing educational programs appropriate, responsive and tailored to the needs of employers and (iii) providing expanded opportunities for national and international educational exchange.

University Of Maine Graduate Programs

/ Certificate Programs / Executive Education: In addition to its degree programs, Maine Center offers specialized credentials that are highly sought after in today’s competitive marketplace. Certificates, such as compliance certificates, provide businesses and professionals with targeted, timely expertise relevant and marketable skills that make them more employable or allow them to increase their level of responsibility within the organization. The Maine Center continues to develop robust executive education programs, including cohort-based programming options to support the development of promising executives in Maine.

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Incubator/Accelerator: The Maine Center fosters collaboration with entrepreneurs, startups and local businesses to innovate and foster new ways to stimulate economic growth and solve problems in Maine and beyond. For example, the Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy program is a series of networking events and panel discussions that bring together entrepreneurs and business leaders focused on growing Maine’s seafood industry and the food economy in general.

Conferences/Events: One of the main functions of the Maine Center is to serve as a speaker for the employer community; Create space for employers and academics to connect and operate between employers and the university system as a whole. One example of this work is the Arctic Futures Institute: a joint initiative between the University of Maine School of Law’s Center for Ocean and Coastal Law, the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute, and the World Ocean Observatory. The mission of the Arctic Futures Institute is to understand and communicate issues related to northern latitudes through policy and legal examination, science and research, education and public engagement.

The University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center is a unique collaborative model with law, business and public service programs that is integrated, innovative and well connected to the employer community throughout Maine. This cross-disciplinary and market-driven approach differentiates the Maine Center from traditional degree programs and helps Maine attract and retain talent to lead its growing economy.

University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center/Maine Ventures Center University of Maine School of Law, Room 710, 246 Deering Ave., Portland, ME 04102 Higher Education/Economic Development/Non-Profit Terry Sutton, CEO Founded 2017 Number of Employees: 5 www .umainecenter .org

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The Giving Guide helps nonprofits have an opportunity to showcase and differentiate their organizations so that businesses better understand how they can contribute to the nonprofit’s mission and work.

Work for ME is a workforce development tool that helps Maine employers specifically target Maine’s new workforce. A free guide to job and career opportunities in Maine’s top industries.

A special publication is being produced to examine the startup infrastructure in Maine and the resources available to help entrepreneurs at various stages of the startup journey. Help Maine entrepreneurs succeed throughout their startup journey!

University Of Maine Graduate Programs

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