University Of Northern Iowa Graduate Programs

University Of Northern Iowa Graduate Programs – We aim to train practitioners to be leaders in the practice of school psychology and advocates for all children and families by effectively linking multi-method assessment with evidence-based interventions. This program prepares you to work as a professional, ethical practitioner:

Tell us more and we’ll send you information on how to succeed with an MAE/EdS in School Psychology from the Northern Iowa University School of Education.

University Of Northern Iowa Graduate Programs

University Of Northern Iowa Graduate Programs

My professors at UNI really cared about me and gave me feedback. They were passionate about the field of school psychology. My internship experience has prepared me for future assignments from kindergarten to grade 12 in various regions.

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The School Psychology program is a two-degree full-time, three-year program that follows the academic-practitioner model:

You earn an MAE in Educational Psychology: Context and Methods in the first year of the course (32 credits minimum) and upon successful completion of the MAE assignment. The School Psychology EdS requires an additional 36 semester hours, including full-time practice and comprehensive written and oral exams.

In total, the three-year program will include a series of courses, four internships and an internship with research opportunities. ,

The School Psychology program is an NASP accredited full-time program and consists of two degrees: Master of Education (MAE) and Specialist in Education (EdS), both following the academic-practitioner model.

Uni Launches Statewide Initiative To Remove Barriers To High Demand Careers In Iowa

The MAE in Educational Psychology: Context and Methods of Assessment is acquired after the first full academic year, including a summer course between the first and second year, and after successful completion of the literature review of the MAE thesis.

The EdS School Psychology degree is usually earned two years after the MAE by completing an additional 36 semester hours, including a full-time internship.

Individuals with a master’s degree in a related field can be accepted into the EdS program. These individuals must complete all school psychology program requirements to be awarded the EdS.

University Of Northern Iowa Graduate Programs

To be considered for admission, all application materials must be submitted by December 15 for admission in the next fall semester. Students are admitted to the program only at the beginning of the fall semester.

University Of Northern Iowa

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please contact Dr. Nicole Skaar, 319-273-7649 or [email protected]. The application process is simple for all students. To access the UNI program you will need to create an account (we call it CatID). If you’ve applied before or already have a CatID, you’ll need to sign in with that account to get started.

The application process is simple for all students. To access the UNI program you will need to create an account (we call it CatID). If you’ve applied before or already have a CatID, you’ll need to sign in with that account to get started.

Returning students are completing a degree, completing their teaching license, earning a new degree at UNI, or attending class as incoming non-degree students (eg PSEO students).

Here are some tips to help you through the application process. We want to make sure you’re ready to take the first step towards becoming a panther.

Where Does The Money From The Graduation Fee Go?

Your CatID is your personal identifier within the UNI community, making it an integral part of your journey as a Panther. Learn more about your username, password requirements, and what to do if you forget yours.

Undergraduate students: The application fee is $40 for US students and $50 for international students. Qualified US students are eligible for a fee waiver. International students can apply for a fee deferral.

Graduate students: The application fee is $60 for US students and $75 for international students. There is no application fee for UNI graduates.

University Of Northern Iowa Graduate Programs

Campus safety and crime statistics under the Jeanne Clery University Security Policy Disclosure and Campus Crime Statistics Act, information on crime statistics from recent years, public safety personnel and programs, building access, crime reporting, safety recommendations and policies, programs, and alcohol, drugs, and sexual abuse For related services, see UNI’s annual safety and fire report. Hard copy is available from the Department of Public Safety, 030 Gilchrist Hall, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614. This is an important milestone in achieving our goals of providing adults and students with better access to four-year degrees. Northern Iowa University launches the [email protected] (Iowa Community Colleges) initiative. Beginning this fall, Iowa residents with an associate degree from any Iowa community college will be able to obtain a UNI online degree without leaving their hometown. [email protected] offers Iowans with associate degrees from any Iowa community college the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in several high-demand fields: business and organizational management, management: business, criminal justice, basic education, human services, technology. Bachelor of Management and Liberal Studies.

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To make the Bachelor’s degree available, UNI is also launching a future scholarship program for eligible participants of the [email protected] program. The Future Ready Scholarship is awarded for two years of eligibility and covers the difference between UNI and community college education. Information on the program and how to apply can be found at

“I am excited by UNI’s forward-thinking efforts to create more opportunities and expand access to higher education,” said Governor Kim Reynolds. “This innovative program gives students the convenience of earning a four-year degree without having to transfer to UNI. At local colleges across Iowa, [email protected] meets students where they are in their rural community, breaking down barriers that may have hindered their pursuit of higher education.

[email protected] provides the personal touch that defines UNI education for adult students in our state,” said UNI President Mark A. Nook. “One of UNI’s greatest strengths is our ability to identify and remove the barriers many students face in their pursuit of success and achievement. [email protected] is a big step forward in providing access to more Iowans through this dynamic and innovative program that leads to careers in demand in their hometowns. Many thanks to Governor Reynolds and his team for supporting this important project that will improve the lives of Iowans across the state. We really train Iowa people for Iowa.

[email protected] initiative expanding 2020 The first [email protected] (Des Moines Area Community College) partnership received $4,166 million in support from Reynolds. American Recovery Plan (ARP) funding to support the initiative. In addition to future-proof scholarships and improved pathways to access UNI’s high-demand academic programs, the [email protected] initiative will provide on-site student support staff to prepare students for academic and career success through mentoring and career navigation programs, resources and services. . . First, starting in the fall, student support specialists will be available at the DMACC and Western Iowa Technical Community College in Sioux City. In the spring, student aid professionals will stay at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs and Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa.

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The rectors of each of the community colleges involved in the new partnership expressed strong support for the initiative and the opportunities it creates for students.

“It’s important that Regents schools across the state reach out to Iowans who are affiliated with the region but want to earn a bachelor’s degree,” said DMACC President Rob Denson. “[email protected] is exactly what our students need to achieve their higher education goals. It is also a collaboration that benefits both our institutions.

Terry Murrell, President of Western Iowa Tech Community College, and Matt Thompson, President of Indian Hills Community College, echoed these sentiments.

University Of Northern Iowa Graduate Programs

“Western Iowa Technological Community College is delighted to partner with the University of Northern Iowa on this initiative,” said WITCC President Terry Murrell. “We are excited to see the University’s educational services expand to become even more accessible to students in Siouxland.”

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“This partnership is in line with our mission to transform students’ lives by providing a clear path to success.” “The ability to complete a four-year degree without leaving southern Iowa will be life-changing for current and future students at Indian Hills and the University of Northern Iowa,” Thompson said. “We are excited to partner with the University of Northern Iowa on the [email protected] program. We believe this opportunity provides students and families in our area with access to a quality, affordable four-year public education at the Indian Hills campus.

“The partnership between the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Western Iowa will provide affordable opportunities for students of all ages to receive a quality four-year education,” said Kinney. “We are excited to welcome UNI to our campus as partners that open the door to additional learning opportunities for degree-seeking students.

Starting to build these partnerships in 2022, for the fall and spring 2023 semesters, UNI Graduate School Interim Dean Gabriela Olivares, who will also lead the implementation of [email protected], said this initiative will have a significant impact on the lives of students living in areas with access to affordable, quality education. talked about. The four-year degree is difficult.

“These partnerships value access and remove the learning barriers students have faced in the past,” he said. “We are excited to expand our partnership with community colleges in Iowa.”

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