Value Of Prints P Buckley Moss

Value Of Prints P Buckley Moss – Show previous image for RESERVED – Set of 2 – P. Buckley Moss 1988 “Skating Spirit” Folk Art Winter Scene Pair Signed & Custom Framed

Show next photo to book – Set of 2 – P. Buckley Moss 1988 “Skating Spirit” Winter Folk Art Couple Signed and Custom Framed

Value Of Prints P Buckley Moss

Value Of Prints P Buckley Moss

Reserved – 2 sets – P. Buckley Moss 1988 Spirit of Skating Couple Signed & Custom Framed Winter Folk Art

P Buckley Moss, Etching

Reserved listing for stunning, limited edition winter prints by P. Buckley Moss. “Skating Spirit”, #545/1000, 1988. and River Works

This American artist is known for his folk art paintings of Amish/Mennonite themes. After the run is complete, the disc will be erased so that no further prints can be made.

Condition*: No defects. There may be small scratches on the frame, but I don’t see anything.

Keats said “Beauty is eternal happiness.” Each of us understands what “beauty” is. I find unique vintage items and present them to the viewer. My “earnings” are usually properties, so below is everything you need to know about them.

Homemade Potato Chips And P. Buckley Moss Prints At Clifton Mill, Wittenberg University’s Weaver Memorial Chapel And The Pennsylvania House In Springfield Added Up To One Reinvigorating Jaunt

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Keats said “Beauty is eternal happiness.” I look for unique antiques / vintage and offer them to the viewer.

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Value Of Prints P Buckley Moss

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Public Gardens Beacon Street Boston P Buckley Moss Print 1979 Rare Framed

1989 rare edition. This print is part of a sold edition not often found in other galleries. This print is in good condition, never framed or illuminated. The condition of the print determines the value of any print and its ability to continuously increase in value.

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