Wayne State University Job Postings

Wayne State University Job Postings – M. Roy Wilson will step down as president of Wayne State University at the end of July 2023. He told Bridge he still wants to tackle some projects in the year he leaves, but declined to name them. (Shutterstock photo by Susan Montgomery)

Wayne State University President M. Roy Wilson will step down from his position next summer, the university announced Monday.

Wayne State University Job Postings

Wayne State University Job Postings

In an email to university staff on Monday, Wilson wrote that “while my energy and passion for academic leadership is as strong as ever, I realize that 10 of those (30) years were at Wayne State, and it seemed like an optimal period—long enough to accomplish most goals and short enough not to tempt complacency—to serve as university president.”

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He said he has no intention of retiring and is “excited to add more interesting and productive chapters” to his career, according to the email.

During Wilson’s time at the helm, the university improved its six-year graduation rate. Wilson told Bridge Michigan in an interview Monday that he is also proud of several real estate projects, including a new basketball arena, renovation of the student center and construction of new student housing.

“[A] year is a long time,” he said. “And I think a year from now, Wayne State will be in (a) stronger position than it is today. And I look forward to tackling some of these big projects throughout the year.”

Wilson said he still has projects he wants to do before he leaves, but he didn’t give details on what they are. He said the university faces three major challenges that he and the next president need to address:

First Year Career Timeline

“I would say that we are moving toward solving the graduation disparities between students of color and low-income students,” Barnhill said. “That work must be continued. It is near and dear to both the university administration and all board members.”

For students entering Wayne State University in the fall of 2015, black or African-American students had a six-year graduation rate of 34.6 percent, while white students had a six-year graduation rate of 54.6 percent.

Barnhill and board chairman Mark Gaffney told Bridge that the top priority is ensuring financial stability and that the state provides adequate funding to the university.

Wayne State University Job Postings

“I think state government has always understood the importance of higher education,” Gaffney said. “But I think the importance of funding has been a different issue for the Legislature and previous governors. This governor has been good and helpful to us.”

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Wilson faced criticism from some members of the eight-member board. There was tension in the fall of 2018 as the board discussed its partnerships with the medical school, and in November 2019, four board members voted to fire Wilson at a subcommittee meeting, but Wilson and other members said of the board that the vote was invalid. Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office weighed in, and ultimately Wilson .

Board member Michael Busuito has been critical of Wilson in the past, but told the Bridge Monday that over the past few years, Wilson has “been a pleasure to work with.”

Busuito said he understands that the role of president is tough and recognized reporting shows that college presidents are staying in their roles for shorter periods of time. He said he hopes the university prioritizes maintaining the medical school’s reputation.

“We’ve had our turbulent times,” he said. “It’s not a secret. It was in the press. But you know, he adapted, we adapted, and we came together. And it’s been good for the university, and I think his heart is in it, that is best for the university .”

Wayne County Community College District Transfer Pathways

Like Busuito, Vice President Shirley Stancato said it’s important for the next leader to understand the prominent role the medical school plays at the university. He also said law and pharmacy schools are also important.

He said he wants to make sure the school remains committed to the social mobility of students and also serves local students.

“I think a lot of universities, if you look at Detroit, have seen Detroit as a great place ーto get students ー and so our role is to continue to be a university that attracts first-generation students. college student.”

Wayne State University Job Postings

Gaffney said he’s not sure when the university will begin its search for a new president, but the process will begin “soon for all I know.”

Undergraduate Campus Tour

Barnhill said he is “open to a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds” in the search for Wilson’s successor, but also wants to know what the administration, faculty and students want in their next president.

7 May 2023 | Isabel Lohman, Jonathan Oosting, Yue Stella Yu, Mike Wilkinson, Lauren Gibbons, Janelle D. James, Ron French, Paula Gardner in

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A Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, cellular biology, genomics, environmental health science, or a related field and a strong publication record is required. Candidates with a strong background in epidemiology, epigenetics, male reproductive biology, next-generation sequencing and/or computational biology/bioinformatics are preferred.

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The successful candidate will be expected to work independently on projects, generate and analyze data, assist graduate students and write manuscripts. The Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors (IEHS/CURES) at Wayne State University is recruiting for new faculty positions (tenure or tenure-track, open rank, 12-month appointments). The Environmental Health Sciences program at Wayne State University promotes interdisciplinary, integrative, and collaborative approaches that address current environmental threats while developing tools to predict and prepare for future challenges. Major areas of focus include: (1) Mechanisms underlying exposure to environmental-mediated toxicities; (2) Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Justice, and Health Disparities; (3) One Health approach that links human, animal and environmental health; (4) Life course factors that influence vulnerability to environmental stressors; and (5) Scenario modeling for predicting toxic exposure and health outcomes

IEHS/CURES is the headquarters of two NIEHS-funded centers: the environmental health science center, “Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors (CURES)” (P30 ES020957) and the Superfund Research Program center, “Center for Leadership in Environmental Awareness and Research (CLEAR )” (P42 ES030991). IEHS/CURES is located in the heart of Detroit in the new Integrative Biosciences Center, a hub for advanced technology platforms and resources that support advanced studies in the precision sciences of environmental exposure. Through research, community engagement and education, IEHS/CURES researchers and community partners to discover, investigate and solve complex environmental health problems affecting people exposed to chemicals and non-chemical stressors in a dynamic urban environment. Successful faculty candidates will have a PhD, MD or equivalent degree in a discipline related to environmental health science with evidence of peer recognition in the field, commitment to excellence in research, education and training and the ability engage with broader environmental science themes with the goal of achieving breakthroughs in research innovation and translation. Applicants are expected to have extramural funding or be on a clear path to securing extramural funding to support their research programs. Faculty recruits will join departments and colleges or schools that align with their areas of expertise and interest and engage in all aspects of our academic mission, including research, practice, teaching, and service.

Competitive recruitment packages are available with salary and placement of teachers based on qualifications. Applicants should apply for REQ490 through the WayneTalent website at

Wayne State University Job Postings

Applications must include a curriculum vitae, a cover letter to the Director of IEHS/CURES describing the applicant’s potential for research synergy within CURES programs and broader institutional environmental science initiatives, and a diversity statement describing the applicant’s experience and plans. to promote inclusion, diversity and equality. Applicants should ask the chair of the faculty search committee, Dr. Thomas Kocarek ([email protected]).

Wayne State University

Wayne State University is a leading, public, urban research university located in the heart of Detroit, where students from all backgrounds are offered a rich, high-quality education. Our deep-rooted commitment to excellence, collaboration, integrity, diversity and inclusion creates exceptional educational opportunities that prepare students for success in a diverse, global society. Wayne State University

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