Ways To Study Spelling Words

Ways To Study Spelling Words – Vocabulary is an essential part of the school day. It can be practiced on Day 5, reading centers, spelling practice or whole group lessons. Verbal work can be done even in the case of distance learning. What is important is not when it is practiced, but why and how.

Wordwork is the practice of working with words in some way. This could be working on sound patterns, memorizing sight words (also known as high frequency words), looking at word families, producing rhyming words, practicing prefixes and suffixes, and more. Vocabulary is important because it helps students become better readers, spellers, and writers.

Ways To Study Spelling Words

Ways To Study Spelling Words

Students can do many word processing activities during the school day and at home to help them become better readers, writers, and spellers. Below are some of my favorites because the activities don’t require any preparation and the sheets are just print and go! Click the link to download your favorite activities!

Ways For Kids To Practice Spelling Words

Spelling Toothy™ is so much fun! Students associate. Partner gives partner B a word from the list. Partner B writes the word. If the word is spelled correctly, you can draw a tooth in Toothy’s mouth. Partners switch roles after the roster is complete.

Students choose a spelling word from their list. Then roll the dice and write the word in the color that matches the color of the roll. The student can use markers, colored pencils, or crayons for this activity.

Before making a copy of this sheet, the teacher will write the spelling words in the left column. The student then uses a pencil, pen, and marker to complete the activity.

This work activity word is very similar to the game “Guess Who”. Students play this game with a partner. Both partners have the same words and put them in a privacy folder so they can read the words. Partner chooses a word card and partner B asks questions such as “Does the word a have the sound /a/?”. Partner B turns over the non-matching cards. Partners keep asking yes or no questions until they guess the word.

First Grade Word Work Activities That Kids Will Love

The options are good and this spelling tic tac toe sheet is a great choice for students! You can send this sheet home or use it in the classroom and it gives you great vocabulary opportunities right away!

Roll This is a fun word work activity where the student chooses six difficult spelling words. These six words are written under each cube. The student then rolls the dice and writes the word in the appropriate column. The student shoots until all columns are filled.

Scribble Spelling is a student favorite! Give students this scribble spelling template and a variety of markers. On the spelling mat, each box has a word and is written repeatedly in the same color.

Ways To Study Spelling Words

This fun spelling activity is truly magical! Students need white crayons to write their words. After writing the word, rub the top of the white crayon with a marker to reveal the ghostwriting word. Get ready to oooh and ahhh!

Ways To Practice Spelling For Grade 3

Teachers are always looking for ways to get students to practice reading and writing, so why not spell words? The ABC sequence is the perfect word work activity to practice this skill.

Grab a handful of magnetic letters and watch the engagement with this cover spell building activity. Students choose a word from their list. Then build it with the magnetic letters at the top of the sheet. Then cover it with your hand or a sheet of paper, and while it is covered, write on the paper.

Grab a handful of markers and rainbow spelling can be a great word work activity! Just pick a word and cover the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Then repeat with the next word.

For this activity, the student overlaps the letters of the word as a pyramid. This is a fun and easy way to practice words!

Fun Ways To Practice Spelling Words

Spiral Spelling is a fun activity that sets the student apart for success. The student chooses a word and starts on the outside of the spiral and repeats the word over and over until they reach the center of the spiral.

Students love word searches, so why not have them do one? This word search template is sure to excite and engage students while giving them a chance to practice and study words!

Boxed spelling serves a few intentional purposes. Students not only practice spelling words, but also review letter formation!

Ways To Study Spelling Words

Give students a keyboard and watch their eyes light up with excitement as they pretend to type their words! Very funny!

Make Spelling Practice Engaging With A Spelling Choice Board

Studying the Word is another activity that has several purposes. In addition to the obvious spelling practice, it also gives students the opportunity to practice their vowels, consonants and syllables.

Calling all detectives! Students love to crack the code! Students create a “code” on the right side of the page. When they are done, they find a partner to switch roles and solve each other’s codes by guessing the spelling word for each line and writing it on the right side. The paper is folded.

Hello! I’m Angie, owner of Lucky Little Learners. Our number one goal is to support K-2 teachers. We provide unlimited access to over 16,000 printables tailored to your standards. Giving your students a variety of practice to learn how to spell words is essential to their success and retention. However, thinking about these activities can be exhausting! I’ve compiled a list of fun and easy ways to practice spelling words that will provide effective and engaging practice throughout the year.

Do you have students who enjoy activities with sensory input? Or if you just want a high level of commitment to your spelling practice, then sensory activities are the way to go!

Fun Ways To Learn Your Spelling Words!

Using play dough is a simple and easy way to get your students to spell words. Most teachers keep Play-Doh on hand, so no special trips to the store!

Have your students print out their spelling words and clay. Ask them to roll and manipulate the clay to form the letters of each word. For students who need more support, laminated sheets with the words printed on them can be provided as a guide.

I know you’re thinking about the messiness of using shaving cream, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen students hang on their words more than when I put trays of shaving cream in front of them.

Ways To Study Spelling Words

To minimize clutter, set out a tray for each student with a set of laminated words. Ask students to roll up their sleeves and let the fun begin! Students use their fingers (or a brush if they don’t want to touch the shaving cream) to trace the letters of their spelling words. AND . . . You also get a clean desk bonus!

Ways To Learn Spelling Words

I assume you have heard of the use of sand trays to help students practice writing letters. The same principle applies to practicing spelling words.

Place a shallow tray of sand and a stack of cards with the correct spelling words. The student turns the card over and draws each letter of the word in the sand with a finger or brush. AND . . . If there is no sand, replace it with salt or sugar.

Pasta words are definitely a hit in the classroom when it comes to spelling words. Grab a few cans of spaghetti from the grocery store and put them in a container. Give students trays and their spelling words. Make each letter of their spelling words out of playdough.

Students can follow the template you provide or create their own. Just know that they will most likely have to break a few strands of spaghetti to make squiggly words. However, do not throw these pieces away! You can save them for next time.

Easy And Fun Ways To Practice Spelling Words In The Classroom

Alternatively, you can use pasta or cereal in the form of letters. Indeed, any opportunity to “play with food” attracts students.

Games are a great way for students to practice spelling words. Here are some simple, low-skill games you can start using right away!

Take the classic concentration game and help our students spell words. Print each spelling word on construction paper and cut them out to make unique cards. Then print a matching picture for each word. Cut them out again to make cards.

Ways To Study Spelling Words

Have the students shuffle the cards, place them on the table or floor, and start matching. Students work to find the correct word and picture. This works great if you have homophones in your spelling list.

Ways To Learn Vocabulary And Explore Language With The New York Times

This game is perfect for students who

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