Wells Fargo Fraud Telephone Number

Wells Fargo Fraud Telephone Number – Privacy Filters Email has recently seen phishing campaigns using templates from Wells Fargo and Citizens Bank.

An attacker’s goal is to intercept a user’s banking credentials, and we all know that can lead to financial ruin.

Wells Fargo Fraud Telephone Number

Wells Fargo Fraud Telephone Number

In the previous post we wrote about phishing, Spotify Scam Campaign, we discussed how to spot phishing emails. One sign is the From Address, which indicates that the email is coming from an official domain. In the samples below, you’ll see that the “From Address” has been spoofed to trick recipients into thinking they’re receiving emails from an official organization or individual.

Cybersecurity Awareness Tips From Wells Fargo

At first glance, this email appears to be from Citizens Bank, even though the sender address says “,” which is the bank’s official domain. As a result, From Address probably won’t raise a red flag.

However, see  Arrival Address. RED FLAG! In the sample provided, the attacker used “unidentified recipients”, meaning that the email was sent to multiple people and the email address was not revealed. This tactic is quite common in large phishing campaigns. It is important to note that legitimate banking institutions will always use the recipient’s name in the Arrival Address.

If Address to doesn’t cause pause, let’s look at the hyperlink in the message. The email notifies the recipient that their account has been blocked and instructs the recipient to visit to resolve the issue. Sure, it looks legit, but if you hover over the link, the actual URL shows that it’s definitely not Citizens Bank, but a phishing site. That phishing site will inevitably ask you for a username and password for Citizens Bank, giving the bad guy exactly what he’s hoping for.

Let’s take a look at Wells Fargo’s fraud campaign. As you can see, it looks very similar to the Citizens Bank scam.

Wells Fargo Fraud

If we just look at the From address, it appears to be But this e-mail the email says it was sent to LOCATION Wells Fargo. Banking institutions do not send letters on their behalf. Next, the To address, which is similar to the Citizens Bank email, is the user’s email address. will show “to” instead of the address. Remember, this is a sign that a scammer sent this email.

Like the Citizens Bank scam campaign, the payload is a link that will redirect you to a phishing site that asks for your bank credentials.

If these scammers get hold of your bank credentials, there is no doubt that it can cause you serious financial damage. Once inside your account, attackers have the ability to transfer funds and access more personal information.

Wells Fargo Fraud Telephone Number

If your bank account has been hacked in this or any other way, call your bank immediately. Your banker will help minimize losses as much as possible.

Exclusive Documents Show A Wells Fargo Employee Informed The Bank Of Fake Customer Accounts In 2006

As an account holder, you should enable multi-factor authentication (MFA)—assuming your bank offers it—to help prevent cybercriminals from accessing your funds.

Multi-factor authentication will give you an extra step to log into your account. Typically with MFA, you will be prompted to enter a second credential sent via your preferred method (text, email, or call). After entering the code, you have access to your account. While MFA isn’t perfect, it can slow down scammers and hopefully help you avoid losing money.

As mentioned, it’s always best practice to check the URLs of every email you receive, no matter how legitimate they look. When in doubt, don’t click anything on the message or, if in doubt at first, don’t open the email.

If you are a customer, send the email to [email protected] and our 24/7 trained cyber security experts will review the email to ensure your safety. The first sign that something was wrong with my finances was a text message that said: Please check activity on the Wells Fargo Card ending in XXXX. $204.0 @ATM Transaction on the 22nd. 09/17 $204.0 @ATM Transaction 09/26/: 17 If all transactions are valid, answer CONFIRM. If any of the transactions are suspicious, reply DONE and Wells Fargo will call you back. STOP WATCH to unsubscribe”

Wells Fargo Lays Out Bleak Timeline For Economic Recovery

This was followed by a phone call from a friendly Wells Fargo Fraud Prevention woman asking me if I had made any recent cash withdrawals at COMPASSBANK Retail. I told him that I did not make such purchases and that the transactions were made without my permission. He then asked if I had my real credit card. I confirm yes and I confirm that I have not lent the card to anyone. He proceeded to ask me if I had recently called Wells Fargo to set a personal identification number (PIN) on my Wells Fargo credit card, and I informed him that I had not and that I had never set a PIN on that card. on and has never used a Wells Fargo credit card to make any type of cash advance. The agent then informed me that my card appeared to be compromised and put the account on hold. He informed me that this “freeze” would block further charges to the account associated with the card. He also mentioned that I should go to a branch to prove my identity as soon as possible to reactivate my credit card account. He assured me that I would not be financially responsible for any unauthorized charges on the card.

Fraudulent charges currently visible through online accounts: $204.00 COMPASSBANK/5242 ARLINGTO $10.20 Cash Advance ————————————————$214.00 Total Fraudulent Charges

I received an email on 9/22/17 from Wells Fargo stating: Thank you for customizing your credit card’s Personal Identification Number (PIN) ending in XXXX. The special PIN only works with this card and will not work with other cards associated with this account.”

Wells Fargo Fraud Telephone Number

“If you are unable to customize your PIN, please contact us immediately by calling the number on the back of your card.”

Anz, Wells Fargo & Westpac: The Latest Bank Brands Used By Cybercrime Networks For Email Scams

When I received this letter, I immediately added a security freeze to all three credit reporting bureaus. I also created a report at and submitted it to the local police department. The next day I visited a Wells Fargo branch and brought the letter with me.

I went to a Wells Fargo branch and spoke to a banker. After submitting copies of the PIN message, driver’s license and written notice, the bank manager called Wells Fargo Fraud Prevention. He gave me the phone and I spoke to one of their employees (male). I explained the letter, message and conversation with the agent earlier in the evening of 9/26/17. The agent agreed that my account might be compromised. The agent then specifically asked me about one of the transactions from COMPASSBANK in the amount of $204.00 and asked me to confirm that I did not authorize the charge. After confirming this, he informed me that the money would be credited to my account shortly and since my card was compromised, it would have to be canceled completely. The agent asked me to cancel my credit card and said I would receive a replacement card within 7 business days. At this point I also mentioned to him that there was an additional charge on the bill of $10.20 described as a cash advance. I told her I didn’t recognize the charge either and the rep said it would be credited to my account as well. The agent ended the call by thanking me for being an important customer and rest assured that I will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges.

The image below is a screenshot of the two transactions I was able to see in my account at that time through the mobile app.

I noticed the same additional fees on my Wells Fargo credit card through my account activity on the mobile app. Concerns about these charges arose after my account was allegedly “frozen” and I contacted Wells Fargo Fraud Prevention again. I carefully explained my situation and the history of what had happened since 9/26/17 to the (female) employee. I then told him that I noticed additional charges from similar COMPASSBANK retailers on 9/28/17, the same day my account was supposed to be frozen. After the 28 representative asked me the same questions and confirmed the same answers, he went on to inform me that these charges could be made before 28.28 and only posted after that. He assured me that I would not be held responsible for the fraudulent charges, we proceeded to process all additional fraudulent charges that were identified by the transaction number. During this conversation, I mentioned that some adjustments were posted to my account, but they didn’t seem to match the amount or total of the fraudulent charges. I have notified the dealer of an item attributed to a $10.81 purchase at Vons grocery store.

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