What Are The Best Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

What Are The Best Credit Cards For Excellent Credit – About 335 days ago, my father dragged me kicking and screaming into adulthood. Finally, after months of personal finance training, it’s time to sign up for your first credit card.

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What Are The Best Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

What Are The Best Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

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Best Credit Card Combos

I was 22 and living with my parents for just six months after graduating. I use cold hard cash and reliable debit cards (yes, I

, but isn’t that the fun part?). Aside from my shiny new job, I wasn’t much different from the person I was in college. Why should I sign up for a credit card?

As my loving father – with over 30 years of financial service – always lovingly explained, I was completely wrong. Cards are not the same for everyone, there are all kinds of people from the financially handicapped (me) to the financially savvy.

For the savvy consumer, my father explained, a credit card can also be a memory maker. Most cards earn “points” when you spend, which can be used for dining, travel or shopping. Others offer special “membership” benefits for concerts, live events and vacation spots. This may not be earth-shattering news for you, but rest assured, it is for me.

Which Credit Cards Can Improve Credit Score For New Immigrants

To make his point, he launched a series of cards for Airs with built-in benefits, from tee-time connections to tickets and discounts to major business events. Today, a year later, cardholders are better off than ever. Americans’ savings have grown over the past 12 months, and card companies are eager to capture business, offering some of the best benefits (and pre-approval terms).

Whether it’s time to enter adulthood or a reason to get great benefits, be sure to check out these five credit cards designed just for you.

There’s a reason the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is a fan favorite everywhere. As the official card of the PGA Championship, the Chase Card provides members with discounted tickets, super-luxe hotel and viewing experiences, and access to a single tent for members of the tournament arena. Those looking to spend more can apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card ($495 per year), which offers all the benefits of the Sapphire Preferred, but with dining and travel benefits.

What Are The Best Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

This is the most expensive card on the list, but it also offers the biggest benefits because. Get discounts at Hilton and Marriott hotels, earn 6x points back on travel, and access over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. Members benefit greatly from American Express’ partnership with the USGA. Platinum Card members get early access to US Open tickets, merchandise discounts and live streaming packages.

Best Credit Cards For Points & Miles (may 2023)

Any of the cards on this list may have the least perks, but the PGA Tour Cash Rewards MasterCard is the best ** best card on the market. Once you sign up, you’ll earn three percent cash back on gas, two percent on dining and one percent on all other purchases you make with the card — but only on “regular” items. That’s all.

They get two free tickets to a PGA Tour event of their choice with a $95 purchase in the first 90 days on the card. In addition, cardholders receive green discounts, merchandise and exclusive opportunities at TPC courses throughout the United States.

Get tee times or tickets to PGA Tour events at TPC venues such as Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Fla. Getty Images

You’ll be hard-pressed to find better balance and travel rewards in your life than the Amex Gold Card. Along with all the USGA benefits listed above, Gold Card holders enjoy travel-related offers (from hotel and car benefits to 3x points back on travel-related purchases) at half the price of the Platinum Card. The worst thing about the Gold Card is that (unlike the Platinum Card), the user has to pay to access American Express lounges at the airport. However, if you’re a travel dreamer, it’s hard to go wrong with going to Gold.

Why Credit Cards Are Good?

If you are a frequent traveler then you know the benefits of Bonvoy card. Free nights, upgrades and discounted stays are just some of the benefits frequent travelers get. To this end, benefits are enhanced by Marriott Links – an extension of the Marriott Bonvoy Rewards program. Earn points toward your Bonvoy Rewards by booking tee times at affiliated Marriott courses, or use your Bonvoy Points to pay for your rounds or lessons at Marriott Academies in Orlando and Palm Desert, California.

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What Are The Best Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

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Best Travel Credit Cards

Note: Some of the services listed below may have changed or may no longer be available. The content of this page is correct as of the date of posting; However, some of our partner services may be out of date. You can view the current offer here.

There are a lot of good cards to choose from, but let’s turn the tables. Instead of revealing as many cards as you want, if a team could only choose one card, which card would they choose? Given the limitation of only one choice, let’s hear from team members about what is the best card they could choose.

Cool For fun, I’m willing to imagine a fantastic scenario where I only have one credit card, but let’s be honest. Moving from America to Europe in 2020 is not that reasonable. In other words, it is impossible.

If I lived in a fantasy world where I could teleport, read people’s minds, and only had one credit card, I’d own a Chase Sapphire Reserve®.

Best Credit Cards For People With No Credit (2023)

First of all, the card’s $300 travel credit is easy to use. All I have to do is withdraw my Chase Sapphire Reserve to pay for a flight, hotel room or Uber ride and the credit will be automatically applied. There are no hoops to jump through and no restrictions.

Second, lounge access is like getting oxygen these days, and it’s important for me and up to two guests to have a Priority Pass Select membership.

Unlike the Priority Pass Select membership offered by the American Express card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® still comes with dining credits at Priority Pass restaurants, meaning you can earn up to $56 off my bill at participating airport restaurants.

What Are The Best Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

I honestly don’t know how I managed to get out of the airport terminal before I got into the hostel, but I loved it.

Best Credit Cards For May 2023

Another reason I hold the Chase Sapphire Reserve® is because I don’t skimp on economy class and can often find great flight deals through the Ultimate Rewards travel portal for 1.5 cents per point.

In most cases, round-trip flights booked through the portal cost less than they would if I transferred points to an airline program. Plus, I still earn air miles on tickets and don’t pay taxes on points.

Plus, frequent travelers like me have peace of mind with travel protections like collision damage waiver, trip cancellation/interruption insurance and baggage delay insurance.

So, there you have it. For me, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® makes the most sense as a single travel rewards card.

Best Credit Cards Accepted Everywhere (may 2023)

This is an incredible sight! How can anyone survive on just one credit card? Oh, the horror! But well, if some weird situation forces me to choose which card to keep, I think I know the answer.

For me, it’s the Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express (fees and fees). This humble horse of a card earns 2X on all purchases up to $50,000.

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