What Does The Bible Say About Caring For The Elderly

What Does The Bible Say About Caring For The Elderly – Does the Bible say that we should not care what other people think of us? not much, But it says that we should strive to please God rather than men.

As every Christian matures, one of the things the Holy Spirit will chastise us to do is to seek the praise of man over God. In our sinful nature we worry about what others think of us for the wrong reasons.

What Does The Bible Say About Caring For The Elderly

What Does The Bible Say About Caring For The Elderly

When you receive praise from people, It can be expressed in many ways. The two extremes of upadana are the pursuit of addiction and the abstinence from upadaana. One person can do anything to gain people’s praise, while another can do anything to avoid people’s attention, but both have the same problem: thinking too much about what people think of them.

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Those who scream for attention at the party and those who stay home in fear despite being invited to the party will face their idolatry no matter how they express themselves.

There are many difficulties along the journey from becoming a person who pleases God to a person who pleases God. One such stumbling block comes in the form of an outward reaction, expressing indifference to man’s pleasure, with an outward facade of emphasizing God’s pleasure. When we try to show people that we don’t care what they think of us, “because we care what God thinks”; We have made a subtle but powerful twist on what God really wants.

The Bible does not emphasize that Christians should not care what people think. Instead, The Bible emphasizes that above all else, Christians should be concerned with pleasing God. Man-pleasing is only a sin when it takes over or compromises our effort to please God.

If pleasing God should be our primary goal (Galatians 1:10), God cares how we present ourselves to the world (Colossians 4:5-6); Then “caring what others think” is a good habit for you. Thank God if your passion is right. We should all repent of idolizing the praise of man; But when we try to please God instead of pleasing people, Our outward presentation doesn’t need to change much. Our smiles, laughing Our desire to be loved must change in our hearts in order to glorify God.

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If we are not careful, They can be sensitive, careless about what others think, and care about no one. If someone’s negative opinion of us hinders our witness or service, If we are in our power to change the way someone thinks without guilt. What pleases God most is to do what we can. . To enhance that person’s perception of us.

God does not despise people; No favors (Acts 10:34); But that doesn’t mean he never shows favoritism to people. We shouldn’t be afraid of our man or his opinion, but we shouldn’t go out of our way to make sure everyone knows about us. The more you make sure everyone knows your inner motivation. It drives away from your heart what God really is.

One of the reasons God tells us not to receive praise from men is so that we can love and serve them, not so that we can show them how superior we are. For God knows that we cannot love idolaters. Therefore, Loving God above all else enables us to love all more for His glory.

What Does The Bible Say About Caring For The Elderly

One of the fruits of loving God is loving people. The two great commandments do not contradict each other. You will never have to choose one over the other. Instead, By trying to practice first (loving God) You will have the opportunity to do the second (love others).

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I’m guilty of worrying about what people think of you when your passion is seen as something special and superior. However, It is not a sin to worry about what someone thinks of you because you can preach the gospel to them. Paul tells us to live carefully among unbelievers to make the most of every opportunity (Colossians 4:3-6). To do this, We need to care about how others think of us to some extent.

Therefore, We should not look around with a sad face; Lacking civility and respect for people, we should not think that this means that God does not want us to seek the praise of men. We should not be a rude way to make sure everyone knows that we are dedicated only to God’s opinion. We should be fake; That doesn’t mean we should force sweet smiles or fake things to please our personalities and unnaturalness. Instead, We should try to present ourselves in the best light possible, not because we please people, but because God pleases us.

We must strive to be joyful in Christ and to express that joy to others. Worrying (for the right reasons) about what others think of us; We hope they will find the love we find in God. Our latest quick Bible study guide; Find hope in difficult times; today It’s free for a limited time.

We are called the hands and feet of Jesus. to take care of the poor to help widows and orphans; The Bible tells us to feed our brothers and sisters in faith. What do these scriptures show us about serving others?

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Mike and I are working on improving our hospitality. If, like us, you have a growing desire to bless those around you more and truly change the world one person at a time. These verses about helping others are a great place to start.

If you are a post scaler, congratulations! To better serve you; My favorite verses on this topic are bolded throughout.

All of the TPT marked verses shared in today’s post were taken from Mike and my favorite translators, The Passion Translation. We love this version and the heart behind it. The best part is that the Kindle version is available on Amazon for less than $10. Last I checked it was only $6.99. You can check it here.

What Does The Bible Say About Caring For The Elderly

Why defer payments on your debt when you have the ability to pay? Do Proverbs 3:27 TPT

Introducing The Accessibility Bible — Youthworks

Whenever he gives to the poor, do not worry, I will repay you in full for all the good things you have done. Proverbs 19:17 TPT

So don’t hide your light. He made praiseworthy things shine like light. Praise your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 TPT

Learn to share generously with those who ask you for help; Do not close your heart to anyone who comes to give you a loan. Matthew 5:42 TPT

He must continually bring healing to the lepers and the sick. You have the power of the kingdom freely, so set others free. Matthew 10:8 TPT

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“The king said, ‘Don’t you know? They showed love when they took care of one of my brothers and sisters.”-Matthew 25:40.

Then he said to them, “Do you not know? When they refused to help the youngest of my brothers and sisters, they helped me and honored me. They refused to take it.’—Matthew 25:45 TPT

For Human beings do not expect to be served by all people. to serve all people, for the salvation of many. He came to give his life as a ransom.” Mark 10:45 PST

What Does The Bible Say About Caring For The Elderly

We are firm believers that you cannot love people the way God calls you until God allows you to love them. If you need a reminder or encouragement to study more and how much the Father loves you. Our FREE 6-Day Bible Writing Challenge; Sign up for Extravagant. Join over 1,000 believers as we spend six short but powerful days focusing on the Father’s love for you.

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The crowd asked, “So what should we do?” John said, Feed the needy. clothe the poor; Luke 3:10-11 TPT

Your generous gifts will be returned to you; You will have more space to move. Many gifts will be showered upon you in measure. Your measure

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