What Is Sleep Paralysis Demon

What Is Sleep Paralysis Demon – What is a paralyzed devil? Find out what really happens when you get a “visit” from the evil creature of the night.

You come to life, when suddenly something chokes you. You try to break free, but you can’t move your arms or legs from under you, as if an evil entity has you pinned under its weight.

What Is Sleep Paralysis Demon

What Is Sleep Paralysis Demon

If this sounds familiar, you may have been visited by a “paralytic demon.” The intruder is nothing more than a hallucination, but the momentary paralysis is real. As scary as it is, this phenomenon temporarily prevents your brain from going from rapid eye movement (REM) to awake.

Sleep Paralysis. A Demon In Your Bedroom?

The scene looks straight out of a horror movie. But paralysis (and accompanying demon) is a reality for about 8% of the population. Some studies suggest that the experience of colds may be more common, with 30 percent of people experiencing at least one in their lifetime.

Most descriptions of paralytic demons have two things in common: the inability to move or speak, and the feeling of a malevolent, often supernatural, presence. Many people also describe a feeling of tightness in their breasts.

A demon, witch, evil spirit or entity is not new. These creatures have been mentioned for hundreds of years and have countless names. More than 100 cultures have specific descriptions, most of which correspond to regional folklore, of the distressing experience of paralysis.

For example, in Newfoundland, there is an aggressive old thief who, they say, “may put it on you like a charm.” In this part of the world, paralysis is called the Old Hag. In some parts of the US, people describe a witch with her chest clenched. In Egypt, the spirit being was known as a demon. In China, some people refer to paralysis as “being squeezed by a ghost.”

These Dark Drawings Reveal The Horror Of Sleep Paralysis

Paralysis is often cited as a way to explain the inexplicable, such as paranormal activity or even alien abduction. Paralytic demons also appear in art, including the 18th-century painting Nightmare by Swiss artist Henry Fuseli and works by Francis Bacon and Francisco Goya, as well as countless novels, films and television shows such as American Horror Story. Story.”

You can be sure that the evil monster will not try to ruin your existence or harm you. But the moment can seem understandably jarring and real, even after the paralysis and demonic hallucinations have passed.

In simple terms, paralysis is a medical condition in which you are stuck in a certain state in the middle of waking up. In this state, even though you are still experiencing REM paralysis and therefore unable to move, you are aware of your surroundings. Paralysis due to the transition from dream to reality is often accompanied by hallucinations. Sometimes the brain experiences a malfunction when it flips the switch on how it processes information during this transition. Even if you’ve never had a nightmare before, you can still experience disorienting and even terrifying hallucinations.

What Is Sleep Paralysis Demon

It is important to know that we go through several cycles in one night – usually four to six – each cycle is divided into four stages. The first three stages are non-REM, and the final stage is REM. Thus, you can experience paralysis in the morning or in the middle of the night. Episodes that occur in the middle of the night are often associated with interruptions that wake you from REM and prevent you from moving on to the next cycle.

Sleep Paralysis But The Demon Keeps Asking If Things Are Pop Punk

Much of the weakness of paralysis comes from the paralysis itself – the inability to move our muscles to respond to the situation.

During REM, the last phase of each cycle, we tend to dream. Our brain basically paralyzes our muscles at this stage so that we don’t achieve our dreams. Paralysis is caused by suppressed muscle tone and neurotransmitters inhibiting neurons in the spinal cord.

Eventually, we transition from REM to being awake and aware. paralysis occurs when you regain some consciousness but are still immobile due to the paralyzing effects of the REM stage. Think of it as standing in front of a door. You are not completely out of the room you are leaving (REM) and you are not yet in the next room (awake).

In addition to the inability to move or speak, symptoms of paralysis can include a sense of an attacker’s presence and intense fear. However, this aggressor is only a hallucination.

Quiz: What Kind Of Sleep Paralysis Demon Are You?

We are all prone to visual, auditory, and sensory hallucinations, both when we fall and when we wake up. Hypnagogic hallucinations occur when we enter the first stage of sleep, which is non-REM (NREM). You may, for example, see a kaleidoscope of colors or patterns, or you may experience the sensation of falling and then randomly wake up. On the other hand, hypnopompic hallucinations occur when we wake up and come out of REM. Often they are a continuation of dreams.

A paralytic demon, witch, ghost, monster, or other monstrous creature is a hypnopompic hallucination, sometimes called an incubus phenomenon. Demons often take the form of villains from childhood fairy tales. However, more research is needed to understand exactly what is happening in the brain during these demonic hallucinations.

Researchers have found that a momentary error in the brain’s processing of body perception causes people to see a humanoid figure above them. When we are awake, the parietal lobe sends us information about our body parts, their positions and movements. This information helps us understand where we are in relation to objects, so, for example, we don’t bump into a coffee table. During paralytic hallucinations, this valuable information and other sensory information gets confused and we see a very distorted projection of the body image stored in our brain. We look in the mirror, but we see a monster.

What Is Sleep Paralysis Demon

In this case, fear increases. Intense fear is likely caused by the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes emotions, including fear. During REM, the amygdala is highly activated. That’s why dreams can be so powerful. When faced with a potential threat during your waking day, you can quickly assess whether the threat is legitimate and respond accordingly. But during REM, your brain doesn’t have the information to properly assess whether the danger is real or not. Thus, during the “visitation” of a paralyzed demon, nothing will convince you that it is only a dream.

Sleep Paralysis Demon

Anyone can experience paralysis. But a systematic review that looked at 42 studies on the topic found common themes among people who reported episodes of the phenomenon. You may be more prone to paralysis if you have one or more of these factors:

Currently, there is no specific way to cure paralysis or cast out a hallucinating demon. Instead, treatment often focuses on possible underlying causes. Here are some ideas.

If you experience frequent interruptions in your sleep, turn to unnecessary things. This helps you go through more uninterrupted cycles and keeps you from waking up in the middle of REM.

If you’re struggling with anxiety or stress, or recovering from trauma, seek the help of a mental health professional who can help you deal with these concerns. Research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be helpful.

Sleep Paralysis Demon By Ramul On Deviantart

Some research suggests that episodes of paralysis can lead to more severe episodes because fear can create a feedback loop that exacerbates the phenomenon. Neuroscientist Baland Jalal, a Harvard University and Cambridge University researcher who studies paralysis, suggests a four-step approach to reducing fear immediately after an episode. Even if paralysis doesn’t occur, you can practice the process, which is a skill you already have.

If you continue to experience episodes of paralysis, talk to your healthcare provider. They can help you find a solution.

Even though they feel real, monsters are just a cruel brain trick. paralyzed demons are understandably scary. But you won’t be harassed or attacked. And you won’t lose the truth either. The key to making this experience less scary is to take deep breaths, meditate, and remember that this is a mistake in your cycle.

What Is Sleep Paralysis Demon

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