What To Do If You Are Depressed For No Reason

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From time to time I post some funny things on Resilient, so today I thought I’d make a tongue-in-cheek list of 10 things not to do if you’re depressed. It’s kind of sarcastic, but it would help if you didn’t do these things. These are things that may or may not make you lose faith in humanity. πŸ˜‰

What To Do If You Are Depressed For No Reason

What To Do If You Are Depressed For No Reason

Reading the comments section on almost any website, but especially Youtube, is a BAD IDEA. Even worse if you are depressed or vulnerable to other people’s negativity.

Am I Depressed Or Lazy? 10 Ways To Find Out

Just don’t do it, guys. Even radioactive material doesn’t decay as fast as arguments on Youtube.

There is no faster way to get lost than to engage in a debate about gun control or the war on terror with random strangers on the internet. You should probably avoid this one.

This is not news. This is a homicide report. I didn’t know there was a serial killer living next door, thanks. And not you.

Most news is not written to educate – it is written to get people’s attention and make money. The same with tabloids, many magazines, gossip sites, etc.

Crying For No Reason: Causes And Treatment

You might think it’s a mindless form of entertainment, but it probably affects your mood when you keep hearing about the bad things in the world.

I’m a bit torn about shows like Game of Thrones. On the one hand, it’s a really good show, but on the other hand, wow, there’s a lot of violence in this show.

It bothers me to see people dismembered, so if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, you should probably avoid watching horror movies full of gore or even true crimes if it’s too graphic. Same with violent video games.

What To Do If You Are Depressed For No Reason

I have spent many hours on Facebook and I can confirm that the meaning of life is not, in fact, to be found on Facebook. Don’t worry, I already checked. You will probably find meaning in life if you read a lot of articles about Resilience (I’m kidding πŸ™‚…or am I?).

Depression In Children And Teens

Social media is very misleading because we tend to use it more as a highlight reel than anything else. This means that when you’re having a normal boring day, you probably won’t post about it on your timeline.

Instead, you only see people on beach vacations or traveling around Europe on a study abroad trip and then you feel bad about yourself. Remember that everyone has their own struggles no matter what they post. You’re only seeing the bad stuff.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime and a million other options, you can no longer watch ads. But if you do (and it’s not the Superbowl), mute them. You don’t need to make someone feel bad about yourself.

The magazines are edited in Photoshop, as are the celebrities in them. They also have bigger budgets for beauty treatments and it’s less of a job for them to look good all the time.

Winston Porter Douthett If You Are Depressed You Are Living In The Past Lao Tzu Wall Decal

Your history teacher would be mad at me for saying this, but I’m much happier now that I don’t follow any kind of politics or current events.

Some people say that it is our duty to be informed about world affairs and not to be ignorant, but I say that I will vote for people who can do a better job than I ever could.

They can change their little corner of the world, and I will change mine, and the world will be much happier with each of them doing what they love. πŸ™‚

What To Do If You Are Depressed For No Reason

Note: If you think that not following current events means you don’t care about other people, think of it this way: you can still feel sorry for what happens in the world without constantly exposing yourself to things negatives that only exist in the end. you are losing yourself.

Feeling Sad For No Reason: Possible Causes And Coping

You cannot help others if you are depressed because of worrying about the state of the world. Do everything you can to make a difference in your corner of the world and be a source of hope and light in your own life. That’s all you can do.

Okay, we’re done! Here are 10 things you should not do if you are depressed that I used to do and many people still do that may be making you depressed whether you know it or not. In general, online media and news can be very depressing, so fill your mind with positive and uplifting information instead.

Do something you’re passionate about, take up a hobby, watch documentaries about the universe, or read blogs like Tiny Buddha or Zen Habits (or Resilient!).

Sometimes managing your life is less about what you add to it than what you take away from it. Here are 7 more things I don’t do to be happy. All of these have become so incomprehensible to me that I don’t even have to think about them anymore.

What To Do When A Loved One Is Severely Depressed

Then you have two choices: do something to actively change the situation, or don’t worry about it.

Either way, it will be much more productive than memorizing things you can’t even control.

I’m a basement person, so my apartment is usually tidy and uncluttered, but I only spend 10 or 15 minutes a week cleaning things completely.

What To Do If You Are Depressed For No Reason

When it comes to cooking, it seems like a lot of time and effort for something you’re going to spend 5 minutes eating. I put something tasty in the microwave or make pasta or a sandwich in a few minutes and then I use my free time to do what I love. πŸ™‚

Am I Depressed Or Lazy? How To Tell The Difference

Everyone is on their own unique journey. Wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be. Just trust it.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and take baby steps every day and your time will come.

Constantly checking your phone makes you anxious because something needs your attention (such as an email or text) or you get stressed because nothing needs to be focused on and you wonder what why people aren’t texting you.

Many people are glued to their phones during the day, but I usually leave my phone in my room plugged in and only check it a few times a day (unless I’m talking to someone).

Struggling With No Motivation For Anything? We Can Help You Succeed

If you are outdoors, check your surroundings or people watch. Not being on your phone all the time is less scary. πŸ™‚

This is like checking your phone during the day. If you’re constantly scrolling through Facebook, it might be time to replace that habit with a new one.

If you’re alone in public and feeling self-conscious, maybe you can read an inspirational blog. Or maybe you could journal in the Notes section of your phone or write a list of goals for this month.

What To Do If You Are Depressed For No Reason

Looking at Facebook one more time (more like the 50th time) will only make you depressed today if you start comparing yourself to everyone else on it.

A Chemical Imbalance Doesn’t Explain Depression. So What Does?

I was always sucked by video games, but I think that’s a good thing because I’m happier with it. πŸ™‚

For some people, video games are a way to release stress, but some are really violent and seem to cause more anxiety than relief.

If you play a lot of video games, consider reading a personal development book or watching an inspiring TED talk. Much less violence and a happier you.

Finally, the last thing I don’t do that helps me be happy is to complain (or I try not to complain ;)).

Sad Quotes About Life For When You’re Feeling Down

Sure, there are times when I just want to complain about things and vent to someone, but I keep most of that in a journal on my computer (and I definitely don’t keep that writing).

Complaining is just a bad habit, like any other habit, so try going a full day without complaining and see how your attitude changes.

Well, it is! Seven things to stop doing to help your depression. Do you already do any of these things or are you going to try not to do them? To be diagnosed with depression, you must experience some (but not all) of these depression symptoms most days for several months at a time. You may have a depressive episode, where you have been experiencing these symptoms for several months, or you may have recurrent Major Depressive Disorder, where your depressive symptoms last for more than 6 months . To get a depression diagnosis, you would have to realize that these symptoms affect your daily life in a negative way.

What To Do If You Are Depressed For No Reason

Although depression includes sadness, it is different from just feeling sad. Both depression and sadness are included, but a diagnosis of depression should include a number of different symptoms that affect you emotionally and physically (as listed above). These symptoms also have a major impact on your daily functioning.

Barriers To Depression Treatment

Sadness is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time.

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