Where We Go When We Die

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Clinically, death refers to a condition that occurs after cardiac arrest. Blood flow stops, we don’t breathe, our brains shut down, which divides our state from one moment (alive) to another (dead). The definition of death depends on something else: a moment from which we can no longer go back. These two are more or less the same. About 50 years ago, until we saw the advent of CPR today, the heart did not stop beating. die and come back

Where We Go When We Die

Where We Go When We Die

Modern life support is a change to emergency care. But it destroys the understanding of the meaning of death. So many people have not risen from the dead to show us otherwise. from a scientific point of view It is normal to think that our consciousness dies at the same time. with our bodies, however, in recent years Scientists have repeatedly seen evidence. that when you die it takes days for your brain cells to function. maybe longer to get to a point where it’s too messed up to live again That doesn’t mean you’re not dead. You’re dead. Your brain cells probably aren’t.

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When you and I die, the cells in our body begin to gradually enter their death process,” said Dr. Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at Langone Medical Center in New York.

“I won’t say that the brain is still working. Or some part of you is still active when you are dead. But cells don’t immediately go from living to dying. In fact, cells become more elastic when the heart stops beating… dying, more than we ever understood.”

Scientists working on human remains have occasionally seen genes that function after death, says Peter Noble, a professor of microbiology at the University of Washington. For a 2017 study published in Open Biology, Noble and his colleagues tested mice and zebrafish. and found that it wasn’t just a handful But all 1,063 genes are still active. in some cases, up to four days after the death of the subject. but also increased

. “You can imagine that if you took the samples 24 hours later [at the time of death] and the number of transcribed genes actually increased. That was a surprise.”

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Noble said some of these genes are evolving genes. this adds to the interesting and rather exciting prospect of later life Our bodies begin to return to the cellular state they were in when we were embryos. Noble found that some cells from autopsied animals survived for several weeks. Research suggests this is a “gradual extinction” where different parts of us slowly die at different rates. instead of killing them all together

Why are some cells more resistant to death than others? Doctors said that one in four patients at the end of life continued to emit delta waves. This is the electrical activity measured in the brain that is usually found during deep sleep, more than 10 minutes after a patient is pronounced dead. The pupils are not dilated, there is no pulse, there is no heartbeat. The author missed a physiological description.

Parnia’s research shows that survivors of medical death often report experiences with similar themes: lighting; Generous guide numbers; Relief from physical pain and a sense of deep relaxation. Because these experiences are personal. Therefore, it is possible to create hallucinations. Even if the description fails But among the patients who died on the operating table or crashed in the wheelchair and while the doctors were trying to save their lives – from the corner of the room, from above – they reported watching. The account was later (very surprising) confirmed by the doctor himself.

Where We Go When We Die

How can these patients describe the events that happened when they died? We’re not sure either. Just like we don’t know why some of us seem resistant to death. though it occupies everything But it seems to mean that when our brains and bodies die. Our consciousness may not be there. Or not right away.

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“I don’t mean that people open their eyes or that their brains work after they die,” Parnia said. “This turns people into stone. I say that we have a consciousness that makes up who we are, our personality, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and self. It doesn’t seem to be destroyed because we cross the threshold of death. It seems to keep working and not disappear. For how long, we can’t say.”

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Questions about what happens after we die have haunted humanity for centuries. And the more theories you hear, the more the answers seem to be shrouded in mystery. Concepts like “heaven” and “afterlife” conjure up thousands of different images, some scary, some beautiful, some strange.

These ideas are either peaceful or terrifying. bleak or hopeful All are imaginary to some extent. All we can do is guess. None of us have actually seen any of these “places”. None of us can say for sure what will happen after death.

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Death is unknown to man. We all know that sooner or later we have to deal with it. But no one really knows how or what, if anything, happened afterward.

But if we read the Bible we can explain some mysteries about Death. The Bible tells us what death really is and what happens afterwards. He tells us:

The first question that must be answered about life after death is whether there is life after death. How do we know what is after death? Maybe we’re all buried underground and that’s it. End of story

Where We Go When We Die

It is a common belief that the material world that we see in front of us is what exists. And when we lose that, nothing will be left

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It is normal to believe that something exists after death. But it is on another plane of existence. and with the right effort we can communicate with the Dead. Reach out and touch our dead loved ones.

The Bible tells us about something after death. There are more stories than those who were killed and buried on earth. There are many beautiful messages about Heaven. where God reigns on his throne and we all live in peace and fellowship in eternal heaven. He describes a beautiful city full of jewels and gold, pure as crystal. with the tree of life in the middle (Revelation 21, 22).

Many of us are taught that this glorious place takes people right after they die. There they meet God and become angels for them. they will take care of their loved ones. But it looks like this picture is beautiful. The Bible tells us otherwise.

Take, for example, the great Grandmaster Abraham. He talked to God many times and had a strong relationship with Him. If someone was taken immediately after death and called to heaven, you think it must be Abraham.

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But the book of Genesis says nothing about God taking Abraham into heaven. but he said that Abraham had died and was “joined with his people” (Genesis 25:8 ESV).

The same thing happened with King David. Everything depends on God’s will as before the beloved David was not taken directly to heaven, but “he rested with his ancestors and was buried in the city of David” (1 Kings 2:10).

Death is often referred to as sleep in the Bible. This metaphor is used over 50 times throughout the Bible. Jesus also used it when referring to his friend Lazarus who died.

Where We Go When We Die

So what does this parable tell us about death? First, it tells us that the dead are completely unconscious. without thought or feeling as if they were Asleep. As King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes:

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“Because the living know they will die. But the dead know nothing. and they no longer have a prize. for their memory is forgotten: love, hatred, and their envy are gone, and they have no part forever in everything that is done under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 9:5-6).

When a person dies, it is like a deep sleep. they don’t know anything

Considering this we can conclude that the dead were not taken directly to heaven. if they were to be with God as soon as they died No doubt, He would have wanted them to know the truth so that they could spend it.

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