Why Are My Feet Always So Cold

Why Are My Feet Always So Cold – When someone says they have cold feet, it doesn’t always mean feeling nervous about something. Some people actually have cold feet: cold feet, cold to the touch, or both. Cold feet can be temporary and harmless. This can happen after a long and tiring day at work or school. But if you experience it every day, it may indicate a more serious health problem. Why Your Feet Are Cold: Signs and Causes In general, having cold feet is normal for cold weather. Research shows that our limbs (ie our hands and feet) feel colder than the rest of our body. Because these are the parts of the body that are furthest from the heart, cold feet indicate that your body is trying to conserve heat around the vital parts of your body. Over time, the continued decrease in blood flow will reduce oxygen to these tissues. This will make your feet blue. Your feet may be blue or purple when you are sitting, and yellow or white when you are lying down. Most of the time, this symptom is not serious, because your feet will go back to normal when the temperature warms up again. However, when this symptom is accompanied by pain in the legs while walking or pain in the toes, numbness, pins and needles (the tingling sensation you feel in your feet or legs), you should consider by yourself Need to check. In addition to the actual cold, your cold feet may be in response to severe stress or anxiety. When you face a difficult day at work, home or school, your body begins to release adrenaline into the bloodstream. Because it reduces blood flow to parts of your body, your hands and feet may feel cold. Additionally, cold feet can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as fatigue, fever, weight changes, and joint pain. Some of the causes of cold feet can be hypothermia, reduced circulation in the body parts, and nerve problems or damage. Other diseases that cause symptoms of cold feet include diabetes, atherosclerosis, vascular diseases, and neuropathy of any cause. Your body needs the right amount of blood to keep your heart beating, legs moving, and brain functioning. Prolonged sitting in a tight and immobile position can increase the likelihood of circulatory problems. A lack of blood vessels can mean that the heart is struggling to pump blood around the body quickly, making it difficult to reach the legs regularly. Dilated circulation is a symptom of other health problems, such as obesity, high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism. Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), a common cause of poor circulation, is a condition that limits normal blood flow to the heart. A related condition, venous insufficiency, occurs when your arteries fail to return blood from your legs to your heart properly. This condition can cause severe leg swelling, varicose veins, and skin discoloration. If you suffer from anemia, where your body does not have enough red blood cells, your feet may also feel cold. People with high blood sugar levels can also have clogged arteries. Unexpectedly, your body will have less blood, causing cold feet. If you leave your feet outside in warmer weather than usual, you may suffer from frostbite and nerve damage. In some cases, your cold feet can be a sign of an underactive thyroid gland and a slow metabolism. How to keep your feet warm while sleeping If you notice all these signs and symptoms, it may mean that your cold feet need immediate treatment. It is best to consult your doctor and follow some effective methods below to warm your feet. 1. Wash your feet with hot water, water conducts heat 25 times faster than air. Before you go to bed, soak your feet in warm water between 38 and 46 degrees Celsius. Once your feet feel warm enough, dry them with a soft towel and immediately put on bed socks. 2. Massage your feet Have a friend rub your feet with warm hands to stimulate circulation. You can ask him to push his fingers and toes in a circular motion to massage each foot in turn, starting with the toes and working towards the heels. For an added warming effect, apply a foot cream containing ginger or eucalyptus oil. 3. Stay hydrated Drinking plenty of water is an easy way to improve blood circulation in your body, thus preventing cold feet. This helps to increase the blood flow to your fingers. Although it is recommended to drink about 2 liters of water per day, it is better to drink more than that, depending on how much water your body needs. Being hydrated ensures that your body can stay healthy, heal properly, and function properly during daily activities. 4. Do not smoke Smoking can contribute to cold feet and damage the blood in the body. Quitting smoking can help keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in a healthy range. 5. Exercise regularly When you are at work, try to avoid prolonged immobility by doing some simple exercises at your desk. Try to get up and go for short breaks. Sitting in the bedroom with your feet up can be a simple but effective remedy for discomfort. At night, if your feet are uncomfortably cold, you may wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep. Effective exercises that require little preparation will help you get back to sleep faster. Elevate your feet by placing them in a comfortable position on some pillows, about 15 to 30 cm above your heart. 6. For socks, choose bed socks that are made of natural fibers, such as wool and cotton, because they contain air pockets that trap hot air. Be sure to choose electrical clothing that has different temperatures for your body and feet. Finally, go with a wool blanket, and look for one with extra leg warmers to keep your feet warm all night long. You can choose to make rice socks with three simple ingredients: sturdy socks, rice, and a rubber band. If you have a large stocking, fill it with three cups of rice, tie it with a rubber band and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Once done, you can place these heated bags under your blanket near your feet. Alternatively, the best way is to use the special Wellcare 4D DWF electric pants with a leg area that provides comfortable heat to your feet. 7. Use an electric kettle. There are some products that will help improve blood circulation in your body and help your feet stay warm at night, such as bed socks, men’s foot massagers and exercisers, and supplements. A foot massage is a great way to relieve muscle pain, not only in your feet but also in your calves. Especially when it needs to be well, massage can stimulate blood flow and endorphins. Instead of getting a foot massage or asking a loved one to give it to you, a massage can reduce stress. When used regularly, it can improve the flexibility of your feet. Combine this with some exercise, you can help your body stay in good shape. The same is true for electronic pants. When using one, you can place it on top of your bed or you can place it between the sheets and blankets. Some people may find using blankets on their own, so you can adjust the temperature to your liking or use a layering technique. If you are looking for the perfect electric blanket, Wellcare’s unique range of electric blanket designs could be the solution for you. BBC, also known as Best Bed Climate Designs, is a technology that changes the temperature of the electric blanket before and after sleep. This unique technology can provide a better sleeping temperature and help you sleep better! Stay warm Stay warm with WellCare From heating pads to electric insoles, WellCare has a wide range of solutions to help you sleep better and keep your feet warm at all times. For your complete warmth, comfort and safety, they are made using only the best materials available. Our products are also equipped with a 4D dynamic heat flow system (4D DWF). An innovation in electric heating technology, 4D DWF mimics the human body’s breathing to ensure even distribution of heat.

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