Why Do Cats Shiver When They Sleep

Why Do Cats Shiver When They Sleep – Seeing your cat shake can be very frightening for a cat owner. First, it’s an unusual type of behavior, and your first instinct may be to assume the worst. First come first served – don’t panic. Try to stay calm – your cat may be shaking for a number of reasons, not all of which are life-threatening.

Your cat may be shaking because of something as harmless as dreaming, feeling a little cold, an illness, or an undiagnosed condition. So remember that not all shaking in cats is cause for concern.

Why Do Cats Shiver When They Sleep

Why Do Cats Shiver When They Sleep

In this article we will look at the most common reasons why my cat is shaking and what you can do to alleviate at least some of the reasons. But in any case, if the shaking behavior persists, consider consulting your vet.

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There may be different levels or degrees of shaking. Sometimes tremors or tremors in just one part of the body, such as a leg, tail or stomach, can be more severe. But whether it’s mild or severe, it’s better to ignore it.

Sometimes you can relieve the symptoms to some extent. At least you can try until you see a vet (if necessary). You may also be able to give the vet some insight into when you saw it, how serious it was, or what you suspect may be the cause.

First, determine if the shaking is isolated to one body part or looks like a tremor or a seizure. If the cat becomes disoriented or appears to be losing muscle or mental control, seek immediate veterinary attention.

Start with something that might not be that serious, your cat might have a cold! Cats typically function between 100.5°F and 102.5°F. Yes, it’s hot compared to a man. However, when drifting outside these parameters, cats can quickly become uncomfortable.

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Below 100 degrees, and your cat can suddenly go into hypothermia — just like being stuck outside on a cold day can. Anything above 103, you could be looking at hyperthermia. If your cat is confined in a warm, cramped space, this can be a problem. The cat’s body may react to this by shaking to correct its temperature.

If your cat has a high temperature, it can also be a sign of a fever. If you have a pet thermometer handy, try to determine if this is a possibility. Fever usually causes loss of appetite, so check to see if your fluffy cat is eating normally.

Another cause could be heat stroke. Although less common, it is a bad condition that can be caused by overheating, especially on hot days. Shortness of breath, dribbling, loss of coordination of movements and even fainting can be signs of possible heatstroke. Keep an eye on your cat if there is heavy rain in your area.

Why Do Cats Shiver When They Sleep

Providing a cool, damp towel to your cat’s favorite resting spot can help alleviate heat-related discomfort for your cat. At the very least, its cat bed or cat tree should be in direct sunlight.

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Frightened cats or those with high anxiety may shake. If there is no visible injury or temperature-related discomfort, your cat may be suffering from anxiety or fear. Usually this is accompanied by aggressive or overprotective behavior.

Sometimes it can also be caused by pain, the cause of which is not clear. Depending on whether someone is near the cat, you may notice shaking and purring. In any case, you must consult a veterinarian.

If there is a mysterious, hidden wound, your vet will be able to diagnose and treat it. If it is psychological distress, the vet may prescribe a sedative. Many owners talk about the benefits of hemp chews for pets, for example when dealing with stress.

In most cases, anxiety is caused by loud noises or other animals. Cats are susceptible to environmental stress. This may disappear after some time.

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Side note: Cats can get depressed too. The stress this causes can indirectly cause other types of reactions. For example, not eating can lead to hypoglycaemia (see below). In some cases, prolonged depression can cause serious health problems for your cat.

Surprisingly, pet hypoglycemia is a more common cause of your cat shaking than you might think. Also known as “low blood sugar” in humans, it is primarily caused by blood containing too little glucose.

Shaking can occur as the body reacts to the situation, which is usually evident when your cat hasn’t eaten for a while. Hypoglycemia is often seen in young kittens. Their little bodies are still not used to processing food, so they often tremble or shake.

Why Do Cats Shiver When They Sleep

That’s why it’s important to feed cats a healthy, balanced diet. Also, make sure they are warm and comfortable. Taking care of a kitten is one of those things you need to do right. Who wouldn’t give their kitty the best care in the world?

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Older cats can suffer from this condition due to their inability to process their bodies efficiently (or not eating regularly enough). A blood test by your vet will reveal if this is the case. Note that hypoglycemia can be dangerous and even fatal if left untreated.

Of course, your cat can get sick. Several possible diseases or conditions can cause it to shake. Usually, owners can tell when their cats are feeling weak, even if the reason is not so obvious. Some features include:

Cats are wandering creatures, and any small cut, accidental ingestion or plant infection can cause it. Infections are sometimes accompanied by nausea, loss of appetite and fever. The poor kitten may also become anxious and try to avoid contact.

Cats love to play in parks and hunt, so they are prone to accidental poisoning. Pesticides, stale food, and other chemicals may be present, and the kitten may ingest some of these without realizing it.

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Of course, these can also be found around your home. Then there is toxic pet food, chocolate, coffee and those skin treatments and creams.

Medical conditions such as cancer, especially in older cats, can sometimes be serious and cause tremors. As cats age, they are just as susceptible to cancer and age-related diseases as humans. They may become lethargic, sensitive to light and touch, twitch uncontrollably, and generally experience diminished abilities.

None of us likes to see this, but it is part of life’s journey. However, talk to your vet about symptom relief. In some cases, it can be difficult to diagnose cancer, but veterinarians can perform brain scans and other tests to determine this.

Why Do Cats Shiver When They Sleep

Your cat, like many other animals, can scratch its skin. If there is skin irritation or disease, it may cause spontaneous twitching of the skin, such as tremors or chills. In most cases, a cat’s skin is irritated by fleas due to an allergy to flea saliva.

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This causes crusts to form on the skin, which can be uncomfortable and irritating for weak cats. This can be prevented by proper flea and tick treatment.

If kitty is already taking medication for a medical condition, shaking may be a side effect of that medication. In this case, if your vet has an alternative medicine, he may be able to correct the condition by prescribing it.

Among the most common types of drugs that can cause such side effects are appetite stimulants, dewormers and antibiotics. Antihistamines can also be a potential problem, so talk to your vet about a possible course of action.

Shaking can be very distressing for you – especially if you feel like you need to go to a vet and you can’t get to one right away. Here is a checklist you can follow in an emergency.

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As you can see, there are many reasons why your cat is shaking. But not all causes are serious or cause for concern. Also, many of the more serious causes are less common in healthy cats.

Be sure to have the vet’s number handy in case of an emergency. Remember that your cat is often unaware of the situation, stay calm and try to follow these instructions as much as possible if you think you have a problem.

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Why Do Cats Shiver When They Sleep

First, consider reasons other than ambient temperature for your cat’s behavior. A common cause of cat shaking or tremors is hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia occurs in very young kittens who are not eating enough to stay warm, and in cats who are given too much insulin while being treated for diabetes.

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