Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much For No Reason

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I have been feeling compelled to write about this topic for a long time. This is a topic that I am deeply passionate about, but I find that it is never discussed publicly because the disorder is something that everyone is very embarrassed about… including me. Today I’m going to put aside my pride and talk to you about it anyway:

Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much For No Reason

Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much For No Reason

Although it is not a life threatening disease, this disorder has caused me a lot of pain and embarrassment during my life! If you or someone you know is struggling with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), please keep reading – it could change your (or someone else’s) life!

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My earliest memory of struggling with hyperhidrosis was in 3rd grade. At my school all 3rd graders were required to complete a special project that we worked on as a class throughout the school year (imagine an elementary school version of an assignment) and then we didn’t have computers to use to write reports so I. Had to write

. As part of this project we were graded on our penmanship… I remember being very nervous about using anink pen (no pencils allowed) and messing up my cursive! I had to keep wiping my hands on my lap because my pen had beads of sweat and dripped onto the paper. Being right-handed, my hand would also slide over the paper I was writing on, and when I got to the bottom of the page, the paper would be completely wet and crooked. In addition, the side of my hand that was glued to the paper while writing would be smeared with ink all over. Fast forward to my teenage years when I started dating… imagine how nervous I was to hold a guy’s hand, only to pull him back when he felt my wet palm!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slipped on my own shoes and nearly fallen down walking in a puddle of sweat under my feet. I have the whole

My many pairs of shoes, which is the main reason I haven’t invested in any super high quality ones; That would be such a waste of money! To this day, I do my best to avoid shaking hands with people – even in interviews. Sometimes, situations will arise where I have to deal with excessive sweating for a long time, causing the skin on my hands and feet to swell up so much that I can’t wear my rings or squeeze my feet into closed-toe shoes. . I want to be clear that while I am fully aware that this pain is far from some kind of debilitating disease, it certainly has greatly impaired the simple activities of my daily life.

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My hyperhidrosis is always triggered by temperature or stress/anxiety (you know, when normal people sweat…) but my system goes into overdrive. It’s almost like the body’s internal thermostat and stress regulator are broken and they don’t know when to “turn off”. I don’t know if you can tell the difference on my hands in the pictures below, but in the picture on the left my skin is so swollen from being hydrated that I couldn’t even get my wedding/engagement ring on that day. I tried to capture the exact same angle the other day when my hands were back to normal to give you an idea of ​​what they are like.

To see (If the picture on the left wasn’t such a painful situation, I would have laughed because my fingers look like little wieners! lol)

Over the years I have talked to many doctors and dermatologists…their list of decisions was always the same: botox injections, surgery to cut the sweat glands, electroconvulsive therapy (also called “iontophoresis”) and other topical medications that were unbelievable. Uncomfortable and inconvenient to apply (looking at you, Drysol…). None of these options were viable for me, so I had given up hope that I would ever be able to maintain a normal level of sweating to lead a comfortable life. To find out, my family dermatologist in Florida had seen enough patients with the same excessive sweating condition (but on different parts of their bodies) that he felt it would be worthwhile to find an effective solution for all of us. He discovered that there was a drug called ditropan (or generic: “oxybutynin”). The main side effect of this drug is sweating and it has been really beneficial for me for the past ~7 years (thanks again from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Sultenfuss!!).

Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much For No Reason

Now that my husband and I are married, we have more serious discussions about family planning, and I know that women need to be more aware of what they eat and what medications they take to have a healthy pregnancy. He explained that oxybutynin is not considered a high-risk drug, but it is highly recommended to avoid it while pregnant and breastfeeding (the FDA considers it a “Category B” drug, in case you’re curious). I was completely dismayed to learn that my excessive sweating problems would return with the arrival of [future] pregnancy discomforts (morning sickness, back/hip pain, etc.). I was dreading an experience I had been waiting for all my life!

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You can’t see me as I write this, but I get teary-eyed every time I think about the blessing this product has brought to my life. I want to share Carp Lotion with you because it has been a complete game changer for me. About a year ago, my mom saw a TV ad for this product late at night and called me

Tell me about it. I couldn’t type the information into my google search fast enough! When the results came in, I couldn’t believe what I read. Not only was Carpe Lotion completely affordable, it was not a drug that required a doctor’s prescription! Another thing I noticed right away was that the site specifically cited the disease with its medical term (which assured me they weren’t trying to get a fake product – haha!). Carpe offered creams for both hands and feet (also using their respective medical terms “palmar” and “plantar”).

.I read through the list of testimonials written by people who have lived with experiences very similar to mine and saw incredible success as a result of these people using Carpe products. I can’t begin to tell you how comforting it is to know that there are other people in the world suffering from the same pain (I’m glad that others are suffering, but I’m not alone) and these products actually helped them! Of course, I was skeptical at first because honestly, this solution sounded too good to be true.

When I received my first shipment, I immediately placed the products according to the instructions described. Thelotion has a very light eucalyptus scent when it comes out of the tube, but after it dries down there is no scent left. I would say that the barrier the lotion creates on your hands and feet is faintly detectable, but only barely and definitely

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Uncomfortable (again, looking at you, Drysol). It’s more like… a light and dry safety barrier? After using the product continuously for four weeks (and following the exact instructions), I can honestly say that Carp Lotion has stopped my excessive sweating and has definitely made a significant difference. Carpe products need to be used frequently and consistently, otherwise they will not be able to provide optimal results, so be sure to incorporate the product(s) into your daily routine!

I was very impressed with this lotion, but then I started to worry that it was too good to be true. I was sure that this powerful lotion that did so much to stop my sweat was not going to be gentle enough to use during a [future] pregnancy. I sent tubes of Carpato to both my local primary care doctor and my former dermatologist in Florida (since he knows my medical history) to see if it is safe for me to use while pregnant. To my utter surprise, they both responded with their stamps of approval!

This is not a sponsored post, I just want to get the word out there is a solution! And not only

Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much For No Reason

A solution, but an affordable, accessible, non-invasive solution that is surprisingly effective! (Full disclosure: Carpe has previously provided me with some samples for testing/feedback purposes).

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For those of you who struggle with excessive sweating in places other than your hands and feet, Carpe has developed solutions for: armpits, groin, chest and face, as well as an all-over wipe (with more items in development!). I can’t talk much about these other products because I haven’t tried them yet, but if/when I do, I’ll be sure to update this post. If

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