Why Does The Bible Say Not To Eat Pork

Why Does The Bible Say Not To Eat Pork – “It is impossible to get all the blood out of your food. Microscopic signs will remain. Unless you eat your milk well to get rid of all the blood… Be patient, there will be some left.” -Anti-Torah Guy

Anti-Torah guy is right that it is impossible to get rid of all the blood of animals. I don’t know how tender your meat is or how many times you salt and wash that steak, there is still a lot of blood.

Why Does The Bible Say Not To Eat Pork

Why Does The Bible Say Not To Eat Pork

On the other hand, it is wrong to cook it properly. Unless you are prepared to burn it, no amount of boiling will remove all the blood. It will boil blood.

Land Of Honey: What Scripture Says Not To Eat

For the life of every creature is his blood: his blood is his life. Therefore I said to the Israelites: You shall not eat the blood of any creature, for the life of every creature is its blood. Everyone who eats is cut off. Leviticus 17:14

Besides all these: Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 3:17, 7:26, 19:26, Deuteronomy 12:16, 12:23, 15:23. Don’t forget acts 15:20 and 21:25.

God really, really does not like his people to eat blood, and no matter what the anti-Torah guy and his friends say, the apostles repeated that commandment to all believers in Jesus, Jew and Gentile. They considered abstinence from blood to be the lowest form of acceptable behavior for the Gentile converts, aside from idolatry and adultery.

For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit in us not to burden us with more than what is required: that you avoid sacrifices to idols, and blood, and what is drunk, and fornication. If you avoid that, you will do well. Acts 15:28-29

Are Christians Forbidden To Eat Blood?

If it is impossible to remove every drop of blood from flesh and God hates when people eat blood, does that mean it is impossible to obey God in this matter? Absolutely not! God did not command us to do something that we were completely incapable of doing. He told Israel that obedience was not difficult for them (Deuteronomy 30:11), so unless God lied to them, it would be impossible to keep the commandment not to eat blood. All you have to do is ask him how.

Leviticus 17:13 “Any man from the people of Israel, or a foreigner who lives among them, who hunts any animal or bird that can be eaten, shall pour out its blood and cover the earth.”

Well… that’s another way of repeating the commandment not to eat blood. How does this tell us how to follow the law?

Why Does The Bible Say Not To Eat Pork

Bleeding an animal with an arrow or a spear—the primary way animals were hunted when Leviticus was written—will not remove every drop of blood from the organ. The slayer slits the animal’s throat and lets the still beating heart spit out blood, but you can’t do that with prey. Of course, it will still lose a lot of blood – it will have to hunt down enemies who die from blood loss, but the process will never be complete.

Bible Verses About Food

In both ways – the meat and the hunter – removing the blood from the animal will only remove the blood from the veins and arteries, especially the first. A blood transfusion will never remove blood from the capillaries to other organs.

However, God went on to say that we could eat game that was hunted as long as it was broken before the blood had a chance to pool.

The only possible conclusion is that God did not expect anyone to draw a drop of blood from the veins of animals. He only expects us to remove the blood that can be transported by opening the large blood vessels!

Whenever an animal emerges healthy, most of the new animal’s red fluid is myoglobin, not hemoglobin, which gives blood its red color. It is chemically similar, hence the color. Strangely, bloody current is not really blood at all.

Christians Can [and Should] Eat Pork

Bleeding of an animal either at the time of death or immediately afterward is sufficient to remove the blood for purposes of the law, and nearly all animals slaughtered commercially in the United States meet this requirement. If after the bleeding there is still some blood in the animal – as there always will be – and other blood-like fluids, that is God’s problem to deal with. Your job is to follow his instructions. It is his job to deal with the consequences of that obedience. Anything more than that is human bride, not God’s commandment, so don’t be afraid to take your steak off the grill before it becomes shoe leather, because that is another sin unto itself.


Everything that Yeshua (known as Jesus) and the apostles taught was based heavily on the Old Testament scriptures. Come with me draw the links that are often missing

Why Does The Bible Say Not To Eat Pork

Most links to books and other products on this site are affiliate links. If you click on it and buy a product, I may receive a small commission. Seriously, how can KFC Canada not sell BBQ and Spicy Chicken? At least at the time of writing they didn’t.

Watch: Is It Okay To Eat Fat Or Not? What Does The Bible Say?

The health check made me want to go vegan. Sure enough, I immediately gave up meat as a bad habit.

Popeye came to my town, and with all the hype surrounding the newcomer, your daughter had to try it. Yes, that’s all they say; Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken is “bombdotcom”.

Things got even more interesting. After a week of pressure from a new competitor, the local KFC started to guess what? Good chicken!

I tried it again for the first time and of course I was completely disappointed after tasting it. I asked if this was true and what I had given up on my advances.

Bible Verses About Truthfulness — Bible Lyfe

Like me, you may have wondered what the Bible says about food? Or maybe you want to start eating healthy? Whatever your reason, in this article we’ll dive into what the Bible says about food and tips to help you adopt a plant-based diet if you want to.

In Genesis 1:29, God gave man his first food. Genesis 1:29 in the New Living Translation version reads: “And God said, “Look! I have given you all the fruits of the earth and all the fruit trees for you to eat. “

After the story of the flood, God showed how man can eat meat, you can read more about this in Genesis 9: 1-4

Why Does The Bible Say Not To Eat Pork

Bible studies show that human life began to decline later. Methuselah lived 969 years and Sarah lived only 127 years.

Does The Bible Say Not To Eat A Rare Steak?

Daniel and his friends refused to eat at the king’s table. Instead, they ate vegetables and water. Compared to their peers, they seem fatter and smarter.

As the children of Israel walked in the promised land, they were fed manna by God. At the request of the God of Israel, he also gave them crows when they began to complain to the Lord. In numbers 11: we see that before the people finish eating the scorpions, the plague of the Lord comes upon them.

Although I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with eating meat. I truly believe that our creator, the designer behind the human body knew what he was doing when he created the original, plant-based diet as a manual for us to follow.

Research supports that a plant-based diet can reduce the risk of certain diseases and even prevent them.

Corinthians 10:28 But If Someone Tells You,

The Bible has a lot to say about food, not only showing what clean foods we should eat, but also what unclean foods we should avoid.

In Leviticus 11, God defines the difference between clean and unclean and shows the children of Israel through Moses and Aaron what foods they should eat and what they should avoid. I encourage you to dive into this chapter about what the Bible says about the foods you don’t eat.

“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything to God’s glory. 1 Corinthians 10:31 The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron and said to them: “Say to the Israelites, ‘These are the animals that you will eat of all the animals on the earth.” Whatever separates the fat, and the bare feet, and the beast eats, among the beasts. But do not eat of those who chew the garlic , or those who break the cud: like a camel, because it chews the cud, but does not break the cud; it is unclean to you. Leviticus 11:1-47 “All that you shall eat is in water:

Why Does The Bible Say Not To Eat Pork

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