Why Dogs Eat There Poop

Why Dogs Eat There Poop – Dogs are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. His ability to learn new behaviors, solve problems, and work in groups is clear evidence of a deep intelligence and highly developed social skills. In fact, compared to another common domestic animal, cats, dogs have more than twice the number of cortical neurons (considered key to mental processing) at 520 million versus 250 million.

Dogs, however, have been known to exhibit a special behavior that causes great anxiety and resentment in their parents: eating feces, known as coprophagia. If a dog is so smart, why would it eat something that most people find so disgusting? And most importantly, how do pet parents prevent it?

Why Dogs Eat There Poop

Why Dogs Eat There Poop

In the animal world, coprophagia is not uncommon. Baby elephants, giant pandas, koalas and hippos are born with reproductive stomachs and must eat their parents’ feces to develop the gut flora needed to break down the plants they eat. Rabbits produce two types of feces: hard feces and soft pellets called cecotropes. If you prevent rabbits from eating cecotropes, adults may have health problems, and young ones will fail to grow properly. More research is needed to understand whether coprophagia can provide similar benefits to dogs, such as restoring beneficial gut flora after a dog has become ill.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Eating Poop?

A common behavior of dogs includes a developed aversion to feces, which is why dogs are easy to train. A mother with puppies may eat feces left by her pups to reduce the pups’ exposure to harmful germs and parasites, but this behavior usually stops when the pup learns to relieve itself elsewhere. Although some puppies may imitate their mother’s behavior, most of them outgrow the habit before they reach adulthood. Only one in six adult dogs are considered “bad” poop eaters (seen eating poop at least five times), and one in four has been caught at least once.

Although eating poop can expose your dog to dangerous bacteria and pathogens, the potential for serious health problems from snacking on poop is low. However, the risk of spreading bacteria and parasites increases if your dog spreads material around your home or any other space that you and other people frequent, or kisses you immediately after ingesting feces.

Although there isn’t much research into the underlying causes of dog behavior, we do know a lot about dog anatomy and instincts and how they shape everyday behavior.

It is important to understand that even though dogs have a stronger sense of smell than humans, what we perceive as a good or bad smell is something completely different to dogs. While we may refrain from certain things in poop, for dogs, poop tells a much richer story. Each sniff can help the dog identify who made the drop, what he ate and more.

Did Eating Human Poop Play A Role In The Evolution Of Dogs?

As mentioned, dogs generally do not like poop in or around their living area. Even dogs that exhibit coprophagic behavior tend to keep their sleeping areas clean. Some theorize that coprophagia may be a sign that the dog is not properly absorbing all the nutrients in its food. In this case, with a strong sense of smell, the dog can recognize that the feces still provide nutritional value.

The same theory states that dogs evolved to become hunters, eating a variety of things that would repel humans but still provide high caloric value. Faced with starvation, the animal may turn to eating feces to survive. The behavior can also develop as a way to chase away rival animals or groups that try to take over the dog’s territory. Dogs often defecate to mark their own territory, and by disposing of the offending animal’s feces, the dog can reclaim that space.

Another theory says that the behavior may be a response to stress, a change in the dog’s environment, or just a warning tactic.

Why Dogs Eat There Poop

In a 2012 study presented at the American Veterinary Association’s meeting on Animal Behavior, a team led by Benjamin Hart of the University of California at Davis investigated what was seen as a “paradox” of dog behavior. At the beginning of the study, the team started with two different hypotheses.

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop? — Woofpurnay Veterinary Hospital

The first theory is that coprophagic dogs exhibit unusual behavior due to a weak aversion to feces. This may be due to a lack of nutrition or nutrient absorption, as mentioned earlier, or it may be due to a perceived compulsive behavior. In this case, the team theorized that several commercially available products designed to prevent stool ingestion would be beneficial in at least some cases.

The second theory states that coprophagia has its roots in a natural behavior characteristic tied to the dog’s ancestor: the wolf. The theory goes on to hypothesize that while healthy adults will defecate outside their homes as usual, sick and elderly participants may not. By eating feces, the animal will clean the living room and reduce the risk of feces parasites affecting the pack.

Eating poop to avoid poop-bound parasites may sound counterintuitive, but research shows the practice can be beneficial. Most parasites found in fecal material do not shed for several days, and most dogs exhibiting opportunistic behavior tend to select feces that are two days old or newer.

Other data collected by the study also tend to support the second theory, although more research on the subject will help. Additional research findings include:

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop (and How To Stop It)

The first thing to remember is that what may be disgusting to pet parents, frequent poo snacks are unlikely to cause health problems for you or your dog. If you notice that your dog is eating poop more often, talk to your vet. Any unusual behavior including coprophagia can be a sign of a more serious health or emotional problem.

Commercial products and home remedies (such as adding chili sauce) seem to have little effect on coprophagia, and in some cases can make the issue worse. If you usually use this method but miss the poo that the dog gets, he may start to think it’s a game and he’s got his treat.

Of course, getting angry and yelling at your dog will not produce anything productive. The dog cannot understand why you are angry, and the added stress and emotion can make the problem worse.

Why Dogs Eat There Poop

No one knows for sure why dogs eat poop. And the root cause can vary from dog to dog. Do your best to feed your dog a healthy diet, keep them entertained and exercised, and make sure you have regular vet checkups. If you do all that, those unwanted snacks will be a sign of a happy and healthy life for the dog. For pet parents who value relationships, you can count on us to be there for you. Enjoy your free time and get rid of the guilt, knowing your pet is safe at home with people who will love them for life!

Can Dogs Get Sick From Eating Their Poop?

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Definitive Guide To Understanding Why Dogs Eat Poop

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Why Dogs Eat There Poop

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? Reasons For And Ways To Kick This Nasty Habit

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Coprophagia: How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

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