Why People Dont Like You

Why People Dont Like You – Without a friend you can rely on or someone you can call when times are tough, life can be even harder than it already is.

If you’ve crossed a line and been ostracized by family or double-crossed by friends, it can feel impossible to get back into someone’s good graces, but all is not lost.

Why People Dont Like You

Why People Dont Like You

You need to take responsibility for your actions and change the way you act. Some people will never change.

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Friendship can be a fickle thing, but it’s also something that takes some art to master.

Here are 25 reasons you might be turning people off, and how you can change your behavior for the better.

Being able to hold a conversation is certainly better than not being able to speak at all, but many people confuse “conversation” with “speech”.

Communicating with the people around us means giving them the opportunity and space to respond, and giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas if they want to.

Why It’s So Difficult To Love People Who Don’t Love Themselves

There is no faster way to turn someone off than to talk and go on and on.

You think they care about every part of your life, or are even interested in the first place.

When you force someone to listen to you forever, surely all they will think about is how to escape as soon as possible.

Why People Dont Like You

The reason you don’t give them a chance to speak is because you aren’t really engaged in the discussions and opinions they can add to your benefit.

Why Do We Assume People Don’t Like Us? Our Small Acts Of Kindness Matter.

Be aware of the hidden details that may be on their mind that you won’t get a chance to hear if you don’t let them talk.

Maybe you grew up in a “stronger” crowd than the one you’re in now, or maybe your views don’t match those around you.

So the way you act “normal” around others may be too difficult for those around you, so they end up feeling victimized or victimized.

While it’s completely free to feel that way, it also means you don’t care enough about your potential friendship with them to change the way you respond.

How To Have Difficult Conversations When You Don’t Like Conflict

If you feel you have hurt someone or let them down, really feel them instead of thinking they are too sensitive or too weak.

You won’t realize that you’re actually a bully if you don’t stop to think that you might be treating the people around you unfairly.

Robin Drake, author of It’s Not All About “Me”: Ten Great Ways to Build a Faster Relationship with Anyone, says that “suspension of commitment” is key to building relationships with others:

Why People Dont Like You

“Emotional suspension is putting aside your needs, desires and feelings. Consciously release your desire to be right and correct the other person. It is not allowing yourself to be absorbed in the situation. You may not agree with the other person’s thoughts, feelings or actions.”

We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring. So Don’t Stay Mad For Too Long

You give up the idea that everyone wants to be your friend. You find yourself thinking it’s your fault, not the person who rejected you.

How to change for the better: Without persistence, most of us give up on the things we want. Most of us struggle to make a good living. And it definitely affects our friendships and relationships.

I know this because until recently I had a hard time getting over a hard “breakup” from my best friend. It really shook my confidence. I wanted to give up on everyone around me, in my head, it was only a matter of time before they hurt me too.

With years of experience as a life coach, Janet has discovered the unique secret to building a sustainable mindset, using a method so simple you’ll be ready to try it quickly.

Ignore Your Feelings

Unlike many other life coaches, Janet’s whole purpose is to put you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Once you manage to build your stability and confidence, not only will you be more likable, but making friends will also be easier.

If you drag others along when you throw a pity party, no one will want to be your friend.

Why People Dont Like You

In an article for Psychology Today, psychologist Guy Winch said, “The persistent negativity displayed by narcissists poses a great challenge to those around them. And nothing makes the narcissists forever happier than their friends.”

Most People Don’t Want To See You Succeed. Fact

In this age of positivity and self-awareness, many of us now prioritize protecting our energy because when you start to decline, it can be very easy to fall into a spiral.

And one of the worst things you can expose your energy to is the bad vibe of someone who won’t stop complaining about everything.

Maybe you complain about how hot it is, or how bad the food is, or how boring the trip is, or you can’t believe what people have done to you, or how everyone seems to be looking out for you. .

Bad vibes are bad vibes in any form, and people don’t want to deal with someone who is just a huge source of bad vibes.

Remove Yourself From People Who Treat You Like Your Time Doesn’t Matter, Like Your Feelings Are Worthless Or Like Your Soul Is Replaceable.

How to change for the better: stop complaining! Look at the good things in life, and understand the importance of putting your energy first and giving the right energy to everyone around you.

There is a time and place to complain and argue, and there is a time and place to take a deep breath and appreciate what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have.

Everyone has down days, but if you keep sitting in the mud, people will stop coming to drag you down.

Why People Dont Like You

While this may seem like a superficial topic, it’s probably just as (if not more) important than the other topics on this list.

Most Toxic Instagram Captions To Show Your Dark Side

Ask yourself: Would you want to be around someone who smells bad or looks dirty or dirty all the time?

Not only will this affect your ability to enjoy your time with that person, but it will also feel awkward to be around someone who doesn’t take such good care of themselves.

How to change for the better: wash yourself. Buy new clothes, or at least wash the clothes you already have.

As an adult, you need to take care of how you look and smell, and you need to know that the way you present yourself to the outside world is a reflection of who you are.

Know That You Are Good Enough

Even if you have the best personality, no one wants to be around someone who smells bad, especially if they have to be around you for a long time.

Gossip is a great way to “get in” with people because everyone likes to gather around the latest drama and secrets.

As children in school, we quickly learn that gossiping is one of the easiest ways to get the attention of everyone around us, and we associate this behavior with positive feelings.

Why People Dont Like You

Ultimately we believe that sharing gossip—regardless of the consequences others may face—is the key to building relationships with others.

Be Happy In Front Of People Who Don’t Like You. It Kills Them.

But eventually people grow up, and they begin to understand how dangerous it is to spread gossip to become the center of attention.

Although you may gain their friendship for a short time, no one will want to commit to you because they will know that you will use them and their secrets to continue climbing the social ladder.

How to change for the better: cool down with gossip. You may have developed a reputation for gossip in your community, so people will need to see that you have changed for the better.

Not only does this mean you will no longer engage in gossip, but it also means actively taking action against any gossip you come across.

Reasons Why People Don’t Like You (and How To Change It)

Be aware of the effects of what people may be feeling, and people will begin to see you in a new light.

Our time is precious to all of us. We all have 24 hours, and how we spend that time is something that matters to all of us.

So, think about all the times you’ve arranged to meet someone at a certain time but ended up being late.

Why People Dont Like You

You didn’t make them wait, but maybe you didn’t really apologize for the delay; Maybe all you gave them was a quick “sorry” and moved on.

How To Act Around People Who Like You But You Don’t Like Back

How to change for the better: arrive on time. You will start worrying about wasting other people’s time.

Apologize when you make people wait in the end, and try to be better the next time you meet them.

Even just five or ten minutes can feel annoying and disrespectful to people, because that’s five or ten minutes they’re doing nothing but waiting for you.

Contact with other people can be dangerous. You’re not always in your comfort zone and you feel like you have to be someone you’re not just to get more people to like you.

Be Real And Don’t Pretend

More often than not, we give in to the urge to say the “right” things or behave in a certain way even if it’s not who we are.

Laughs, nods, continued interest is proof enough of retention

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