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Wset Level 2 Wine Practice Test

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When it comes to taking WSET wine courses, learning about wine (and tasting it, of course) is the most fun. But as with any good course, there is one aspect that most students dread: the final exam.

Wset Level 2 Wine Practice Test

Wset Level 2 Wine Practice Test

I know we were apprehensive after hearing some of the stories about our WSET Level 2 exam and I was dreading my Level 3 exam for the same reasons.

Winetasting Notes For Wset3

But in a way, it doesn’t matter whether you take Level 1, 2 or 3, because the multiple choice exams for each level follow a similar setup and logic (but remember that Level 3 has other exam components that we’ll discuss). in separate articles). In terms of the exam, the main difference between the levels is simply the number of topics you will be asked. Level 3 is more robust than Level 2, which is more involved than Level 1.

The same basic structure is used globally. So we wanted to give you a little more insight here into the logic behind multiple choice WSET exams and the best way to approach them, no matter what degree you’re studying for.

Before we dive in, we have a few preliminary notes to keep in mind. First, we are not affiliated with WSET, we are just students. Likewise, we missed WSET Level 1 and have no experience with the specific exam. Finally we both passed level 2 in 2020 and I reached level 3 in 2021. Test structures and content can and will change regularly. Therefore, each individual concept below should be discussed with your teacher.

Note: Test material and structure may change over time. In late 2020 I followed Level 2 and in early 2021 Level 3. I passed all theoretical parts with flying colors.

Wset® Level 1 Award In Wines

While WSET Levels 1 and 2 only consist of a multiple-choice exam, Level 3 has mock and essay sections in addition to a multiple-choice section. So your time and success rate will vary depending on the level. For multiple-choice exams, you have:

*This time limit also includes the WSET Essay exam component. It’s a good idea to have 30 minutes for the multiple choice and 90 minutes for the essay.

You will study for a specific exam based on this overview. The fact is that several selection components are similar, only high-end materials are abundant (as noted at the beginning of this article).

Wset Level 2 Wine Practice Test

May vary significantly for a given exam. There is no recommended minimum number of open hours in the WSET for Level 1, as the entire class can be completed in one day. If you remember what you studied a few hours ago, you should pass easily. For Stage 2, the WSET recommends 11 hours in addition to study time. For Level 3, the WSET recommends a minimum of 54 hours. This equates to approximately 0, 0.5, and 1.5 hours outside of class per in-class hour.

Free Wset Level 2 Intermediate Practice Exams & Study Tips

We agree with these indicators 100% and even say that the indicators of level 2 and 3 are low. You may want to study 20 hours in addition to study time for Level 2, and 60-80 hours for Level 3, as these are simply

One of the most important things to discuss beforehand is that the WSET rarely deals with trick questions or “gotcha” answers. In fact, many questions have wrong answers

For a more detailed explanation, we need to give an example. In our Level 2 exam, our question was about what flavor to expect from an aged white wine (I’m being vague on purpose here). Two responses were flavor profiles typical of red wine (eg cherry, blackberry, etc.). Even if you know nothing else about this grape, the country or what happens when it ages, you can immediately cross two options, because this white wine does not have such flavors –

We even go so far as to say that most questions in Level 2 have one, two or three answers.

Flashcards For The Wset Level 2 Award In Wines Version 2023

They were almost irrelevant to the question (and can be drawn without hesitation). This also happens in Level 3 to some extent, but it may not be present in every question as there is more source material available. I had a few at level 3 that I had no idea about and had to guess exactly.

From there, you can apply deductive reasoning to certain questions to eliminate more incorrect answers based on what you’ve learned in the course. For example, you may be asked about the flavor profiles for a grape from a warm climate, but the answer includes the flavor profiles you would expect from that grape in a cool climate. The question above provided context clues about the bottle’s location and age, some of which you can use deductive reasoning to find the correct answer based on what you know (or eliminate others that don’t make sense at all).

Sometimes it’s as good as knowing the right answer. To quote Sherlock Holmes, “Once you have destroyed the impossible, the impossible must be true” and this certainly applies to the WSET exam. But if you had to guess, there’s a 33% or 50% chance you’re right, with a higher 25% chance. If this happens often, you will definitely get extra points!

Wset Level 2 Wine Practice Test

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the WSET only tests material from the book. You are not required to know anything that is not in the book, and to avoid confusion, reading external wine sources while taking the course is strongly discouraged. That is, when I say everything, I mean everything – from the annotation to the keys of the cards. It’s all fair game.

What Topics Are On The Wset Level 2 Wine Exam?

When it comes to preparing for this exam, a big part is actually studying. I could even go so far as to say crams.

But when I say cramming here, I don’t mean waiting until the last minute and trying to remember as much as possible. I mean brute force compression

Course duration. This means reading the chapters you will be studying before class that week

Some people recommend reading the book through at least three times, but I think you should read as many as you have class weeks. So about eight times for an eight-week Level 2 and ten times for a ten-week Level 3. Again, if you have the time, you won’t regret reading it a few times.

Wset Level 2 Spirits Course

Then start taking notes and creating study guides in your first week and build on that. Like cramming, it’s easier to do this gradually over time, but review your notes at least once a week to keep things fresh. It really helps to connect the dots between all the lessons to make the logical conclusions we discussed above.

Can I give you mine to make it easy for you? Yes. do i No. Writing all these down will help you study better.

Likewise, if you learn with flashcards, start building it from day one. Personally, I skipped this and used the maps already created in Brainscape. It’s a premium service that costs about $10 a month and has hundreds and hundreds of WSET-focused flashcards to study (set a reminder so you don’t forget to unsubscribe later). $20 for two months was well spent because I’m 100% sure it helped me earn a few extra points.

Wset Level 2 Wine Practice Test

Now I know this goes against the advice of avoiding third party sources, but Brainscape WSET flashcards are produced by wine professionals who have passed WSET Level 3 with Merit (minimum) and the cards are updated regularly. But this recommendation comes with one, big, big caveat.

Download The Free Wset Tasting App

This is a third-party resource and is often not recommended by instructors, you should expect some material to be out of date or even inaccurate, especially in WSET courses as course content can change over time. When in doubt, when you come across a question you don’t agree with, don’t understand, or don’t recognize at all, look it up in the book to check the answer. As mentioned from time to time, the exam will be 100% based on the text of the book. If you can’t put in the extra effort for confirmation, you may want to make your own note cards.

That said, I’ve had a lot of luck with these and feel they fit the book well enough for Level 2 and Level 3. Instead

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